Cambridge International AS & A Level Past Exam Papers

Cambridge International AS & A Level are being offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board from The University of Cambridge.

*CIE (Cambridge International Examination board) has its name changed to CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) since October 2017.*

* Note:

  • Updated up to March 2019 series past exam papers. YAY!
  • “Specimen Papers” would be available when there is a change of syllabus for that year. Otherwise, “Specimen Papers” would not be available when the syllabus stays the same.
  • Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before you post your queries to us.
  • DO NOT download the past papers at last minute. We strongly suggest you to download everything you need at least 4 months before the exam.

In view of the recent incident (false report done by ungrateful students), our Google drive has become redundant. We are not able to share the files, and all the files are no longer be publicly accessible, even to people who have the link.

We worked 18-20 hours a day for the past weeks, trying to fix this issue by creating a new platform. Unfortunately the new platform has limitation and members would see error message when the limit is reached. Therefore we have decided to close the new platform as it is not working properly. (Members, please kindly check your full refund notification from PayPal. If you don’t see the notification in your inbox, please check your spam/junk box)

We suggest you to find alternative sources for past exam papers for the moment.

We thank everyone for your visits. We are still here to provide voluntary assistance to help you excel in your exams. Just leave your question at the comment box below.

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    • Hello Ovie,

      Our library of resources is unavailable at the moment. Kindly search for alternative sources of past papers. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Hello Mit,

      Thank you for your interest. Subscribing to our newsletter is free. You will receive announcements once the registration for revision course starts.

    • Hi Manohar,

      We are still in the process of moving our library of resources in another platform. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Hi Bob,

      Congratulations on your achievement! Your parents must be proud of you. We wish you well in your future endeavours.

  1. Oh Man, your website makes all the resources so easily available and for download. It reminds me of the TV Series, ‘Breaking Bad’. Walter White destroyed good stuffs in his life and made life hell for everyone else around him. I hope you bring the downloading available soon. Your new platform reached a limit and caused problems, this shows how important and popular your downloads are. i subscribe to your newsletter and hope to hear good news soon.

    • Hello Joey,

      Thank you for appreciating our efforts. Rest assured that we are working hard to fix our library of resources. Kindly wait for our announcement in our newsletter. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Hi,
    When will the website show the past papers please?
    I need for AS level.English(general).
    It is possible for you to share past 5 years paper of English/general, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology please on my email address?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Sujata,

      Unfortunately, we are still not able to share files and we do not have a fixed date as to when it will be available.

      You may search for alternative sources of past papers. Kindly google them. We are not the only website that provides past papers. Thank you.

  3. Hi. I took IGCSE in May 2019. In some exams, when I ran out of working space, I just put a star mark and in a supplementary sheet wrote the question number correctly and continued my answer without indicating things like “continued”. Will the examiners be able to understand my answers?


    • Hi Pratip,

      As long as it is fastened together with your question paper, and the answer is labelled according to the question number, examiners will be able to mark it accordingly.

      • Thank you. And when will the A Level question papers be brought back. I am very eager to know because I am starting my A Level shortly after June 12 when I will be done with IGCSE exam.

        • Hi Pratip,

          We are still fixing it. However, we do not have fixed date as to when it will be available. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter for the announcement. Thank you for your patience.

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