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    • Hello Jam,

      Please quickly go to your exam centre and enquire about this. You must get confirmation on the test dates from your exam centre.

  1. For May 2019 IGCSE ICT exam, I’m in zone5, how can I know which practical paper2&3’s paper version? As it has paper 21 or 22, paper 31 or 32, On the file I download from CIE cannot find out which paper is my zone will do, if i know the paper version, I can know the exactly time of practical exam of paper 2 and paper 3

    • Hi Lorraine,

      Please follow the steps on this page and you will be able to find your timetable. Kindly download the timetable and look inside the timetable to identify which paper variant your zone belongs to.

  2. Hi tuld like to buy the past papers and have them hard copy I wanted to know if you are selling the papers Maths English ICT Biology Chemistry Physics Economics Literature ART AND DESIGN

  3. Hi thank you all for what you are doing I would like to buy the past papers and have them hard copy I wanted to know if you are selling the papers Maths English ICT Biology Chemistry Physics Economics Literature ART AND DESIGN

  4. Hey. Sup. I wanted to know is u would be uploading a link for timetable for practicals s17? If no, then can i plz get a link as to where i can find it?

  5. Hi, I read that the May/ June 2018 timetable should have been out since last year, but I can’t seem to find them.. When will they be uploaded on the CIE website? (for CIE IGCSE)

    • Hi Maryam,

      Usually, you will need English, Maths, Biology, and Chemistry. However, it is always wise to check with the university you wish to apply for; and get confirmation on the required subjects for medicine.

    • Most unis ask for Biology, chemistry, physics or maths.. just to be on the safe side, check out the universities you have in mind

    • Hi Tan,
      Usually you need: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry. However, it is wise to check with the university the you wish to apply to, and get the confirmation on required subjects.

        • Hi Maryam, it would be best to confirm with the university you’re applying for if English is required. Generally, English is required.

          • Really? English A level? I wouldn’t mind taking it but i was always told that you usually need Biology, Chemistry and Maths.. and Physics depending on the University.. thanks XDD

            • Yes, English is required if you are entering into courses in English. Provided you want to enter into other universities that do not offer courses in English, then you may not take English. But you must the the required language for that university.

  6. hello
    i am in 10th right now.
    i need help!
    what subjects do i choose in A-Levels, i want to become a psychologist!!
    kindly suggest

    • Hi Hitaishi,
      There is quite a wide range for required subject in psychology. Commonly found is: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Business Studies.

      We would suggest you to get the confirmation from the university that you wish to apply.

    • Hello Om,
      We do not upload any exam timetable. Please follow the above steps to obtain your exam timetable. For the March series timetable, please get it from your school.


    • Hi Hano,
      As a reference, you may consider:

      IGCSE level: English, Maths, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, then choose one from the science group.

      A Level: English, Maths Business Studies, Economics, Accounting.

      However, we strongly suggest you to check with the college that you wish to apply to, and find out what are the subjects required by them.

    I love your website….
    however please post the may/june 2016 timetable for zone 3 ASAP Pls..
    Thank you

  9. hi,

    is there any age restriction for cambridge exam, what is the maximum age requirement before you can allow anyone to write the exam

  10. Hey plzz telll the correct syllabus for pakistan studies, isl nd urdu..is there any changes in the syllabus for may/june 2016???
    Plzz reply..thanks!!

  11. Dear IGCSE team,
    I’m writing the Hindi as a second language(0549) exam this October, please give some tips on how to improve.

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