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*CIE (Cambridge International Examination board) has its name changed to CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) since October 2017.*

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  • Updated up to March 2019 series past exam papers. YAY!
  • “Specimen Papers” would be available when there is a change of syllabus for that year. Otherwise, “Specimen Papers” would not be available when the syllabus stays the same.
  • We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers. We do not have any grade 1 ? grade 10 past exam papers.
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  1. Just mastered the skill of relative velocity!
    Dont worry guys! if you have any questions, ill be more than willing to offer help!

    • Hi can you please solve this question
      A plane, whose speed in still air is 250 kmh
      , flies directly from
      , where
      is 500 km from
      a bearing of 060?. There is a constant wind of 80 kmh
      blowing from the south. Find, to the nearest
      minute, the time taken for the flight.

  2. dear IGSCE team/center

    i took my Economics 22 paper a few day s ago, but i did not appear for my 12 paper because i thought it was the day after. what will happen to my economics result? paper 2 counts for 70% and paper 1 for 30%.i came 30 minutes late and my school did not let em take my test.
    what will happen to my economics result?

    • Oh dear… We can’t tell you what will happen. But we could suggest you to consider to re-take this subject as “Private Candidate” for the Oct/Nov session. You just register yourself with British Council and sit for the exam there.

      If Economics is not what you want to do for your further study, then you can forget about it.

    • But they aren’t allowed to do that. You are allowed to take the exam. Only one form should go to cambridge telling them you came late. They are not allowed to remove you from the exam

    • Hi Aman,
      No, it is not the same. There is new format from 2015. Check on the specimen papers inside the 2015 folder.

  3. hey guys…!!!!
    I badly need your help guys!!!!
    How to solve the trigonometric questions where they give the range in ? and how to give ans in ????

    • if its in pi, then first change your calculator to radians! ( check online for your model cuz im sure its different from mine). you should know that 180 degrees = ?. now everything else is the same. if you want, you can find ur answer in degrees and then convert it into radians. when you use radians in the calculator, it automatically shows ? in the answer…. shouldn’t you be knowing this…? its the basics of add math, you should know this by now, especially when ur exam is Tuesday! good luck

      • yeah actually I can do that questions.Usually I will convert the range to degrees then solve it and then convert back those final answers to radian back. but the prob is out of ten questions i do there will be one question will be wrong and i don’t know why is it!!!!!And when i check through ms sometimes the answers are in pi…that’s worrying me alot πŸ™
        My calculator do not perform its final answers in pi but it gives in it okay to leave it in decimals?!
        its really funny coz im asking all this questions when i have left 2 days for ADDMATHS PAPER @ and one more day for ACCOUNTING πŸ˜›

    • If the range is in ? then its probably in radians. If you want to change from radian to degree you have to * 180 / ?. If you want to change it back just * ? / 180.

      • For me, if the answer in degree is exact (ie 60), then I just do it in degrees, divide by 180 and get a fraction (ie 1/3). Now I just times pi, so it’ll be pi/3. More exact and usually if the answer is an exact degree, this is what they’re looking for (although the radians answer is still perfectly fine πŸ™‚ )

  4. I need help studying for my IGCSE Environmental Management exams
    I have a problem since I haven’t revised since my mocks and my school exams would continue after my Em exams. I need tips to know what to focus on more

    • Just spend the whole day going through the notes. Start with biosphere. Make sure you’ve turned off your phone so as not to be distracted. Make sure you’ve had enough rest. Don’t panic as it isn’t useful at a time like this. Focus on the causes, consequences, effects, strategies and definitions. Create post its and hang them all around your room. Focus on the notes more than past papers. You could solve 2013 & 2013 though.

    • You can go to youtube and search igcse environmental management,
      find a video with a green background in the thumbnail itself..
      its the best revision! πŸ™‚

  5. Plz can anyone give me tips for environmental management… Paper 2 and paper 4 are quite tough for me… Am scared abt them

    • You can go to youtube and search igcse environmental MANAGEMENT,
      find a video with a green background in the thumbnail itself..
      its the best revision! πŸ™‚

      • I would suggest you to do past papers from 2010 onwards for both paper 22 and 42, I totally agree they’re hard, it’s better you study the biosphere more properly because questions based on them are really hard
        Good Luck and do well

  6. Hello friends
    Any one with help in accounting I am so scared any site ar link or even explaining will do


    • Aed- Lic-
      Assets expenses debtors drawings Liability income creditors credited
      If any of these increase debit it and if decrease credit.
      And its the oppsoite for Lic. πŸ™‚ ——————————–/^

    • sadly igcsecentre wont be providing us with IB papers… πŸ™ they have decided to take A levels side :/ so we have to scavenge for ib past papers next year!

  7. Does anyone have any tips for Design and Technology papers 1 and 2? I’m quite nervous for paper 1 as it is my weak point. I don’t usually do well on parts c,e and g.
    Any tips are much appreciated!

  8. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!thank you soo much ! it is helping me a lot !
    but could people please suggest how I can revise for my literature exam in 2016!
    thank you again!

    • good advice… start studyn RIGHT NOW! like your boards are tmr! last minute studyin for literature isn’t a good idea trust me! collect as much notes as possible (especially from ur teachers at skl!). take down everything they say or u’ll look back and regret it! go online (spraknotes, cliffnotes, etc.) and read evrythn abt the texts u r doing, don’t be afraid to have different analysis and meanings for a particular idea. if possible get some pointers from ur seniors! literature is a nightmare, so gd luck apoorva πŸ™‚

  9. I forgot to leave two lines after completing one question in economics 2. I only left one line.. I’m so scared now and can’t concentrate on the papers that I’m having next week.

  10. ready for d&t tomorrow?
    You might really want to check the specimen paper for 2015 Paper 2 and as well Paper 1!

  11. Dear IGCSE team,
    You said the mark schemes for this years IGCSEs will be posted after the exams end. Approximately when will that be? πŸ˜€
    Kind Regards,


  13. Dear IGCSE Centre,
    I just finished my exams today and just wanted to thank you so much for helping me out! I really couldn’t have done this without you!

    Hope to see you soon next year with my A-Levels!


  14. Our computer science teacher has said that the program they gave in the prereleased material is the exact same as the one they will give in external paper 2 .. only the questions will be different… I just want to confirm if this is true ?

  15. WWWOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  16. Dear IGCSE team,
    I forgot to write my candidate number in my history exam yesterday. Is that going to be a problem? Are they not going to grade my exam?

        • Hi Rooham,
          It is really not good, because they won’t know to whom they should put this paper to. But if you wrote your name and centre number on the paper, then still they can trace your candidate number and still manage to grant the grade to you properly.

    • if u wrote ur centre no. and your full name they might do smthn abt it… u see wat our school does is give our paper 10 mins before starting time where we aren’t allowed to open or see the questions… doesn’t that happen to u? its quite careless to not write ur candidate no. I nvr knew there were ppl who’d actually frgt smthn so big

  17. Thank you so much igcse centre for everything. Il b off for my CS exam is like 16 hours time n if finished all CS papers and now I’m tired. Haha. Anyways thanks a lot for everything and I hope all u guys get good results. Like igcse centre has said, ‘build your confidence. a* will follow. Cheerio!

  18. Hey,
    Does anyone have the solutions for computer science pre-release material?
    If so, can you help me a bit by indicating what we are supposed to include in the program??
    Anyone pls help

    • I found it pretty easy and the case was really good. I was able to include a lot of application in all of the questions. Even though some questions were sort of different it wasn’t a difficult paper to me.

  19. Hey guys, I have a question concerning the profit and loss appropriation account for limited company. I mean do i need to put proposed preference share dividend into the P&L appropriation?

    • Yes you do need to put it. Because it is the dividend paid for “that financial year”, and is a cost in respect to the financial year (prudence principle). The fact that it proposed, yet not paid means that it will be shows in the balance sheet as current liability.

      • Ahmed preference share is only stated under CAPITAL AND RESERVES in Balance Sheet and also in Income Statement under expenses-(preference share dividend) . Not in appropriation account.

        If what i said is wrong..pls could you kindly correct mine because i’m also an accounting candidate for may/june igcse. πŸ™‚

    • No, there isn’t any preference share in appropriation acct

      format for p/l appropriation acct

      Profit for the year
      Less: Transfer to general reserve
      : Ordinary share dividend-proposed
      Retained profit for the year
      Add: Retained profit brought forward
      : Retained profit carried forward

      I’m so sorry dear friend this all i could help u…..i couldn’t even find the correct image on net for u πŸ™

      • Yea, sorry for my wrong answer. But your right (thank you for correcting me πŸ™‚ ), it doesn’t go into the appropriation account. It used to go there previously but now it is shown in the income statement as an expense, correct me if im wrong. For reference, please check Oct/Nov paper 23 question number 2. In this question, the question itself asks us to deduct the preference share first and then make the appropriation account.

        Btw for the above format, the ordinary share interim dividend paid also need to go into the appropriation account.

        • Yeah you are right.But could you pls tell me which year are you referring to the above paper you stated. :p
          And what is that (ordinary share interim dividend)?
          Are you an igcse candidate for this year Ahmed?

    • Preference share dividends (both interim paid and proposed) are added to the Income Statement (usually an extract) and not the P&L appropriation account.

    • Okay guys its going a bit confusing… So its a certain that preference share paid is not included in P&L, then what about the PROPOSED preference share? Is it included in P&L? Sorry cause I totally get it…

  20. business exam in less than 2 hours! can somebody help me with calculating profitability ratios? i simply dont get it.

  21. dear IGCSE team ,
    unknowingly i did not follow the instruction of skipping to lines per questions, many people are telling me that it wont be marked ? please tell me if this is true because I am so scared right know about this .

    thanks ,

  22. I’m doing business 0450 .. I don’t understand the topic on fair trade,,…// Its giving me nightmares. Please help me out frnds.

    Here is the question::

    The government of country A wants to encourage small farmers to grow ?fair trade? products.
    (b) Do you think that all farmers in country A should produce only ?fair trade? products?
    Justify your answer.
    This is the question in 2009 o/n paper
    and I don’t understand it…

    Please help someone

    • Only partially to favour the farmers and the consumers on a balanced scale.
      This is because fair trade products are more expensive for purchase than regular products. Therefore, they will be less affordable for the consumers.

    • the insert of 21/m/j/11 tells you what fair trade is.
      generally, the idea “fair trade” means that the producer is paid a higher price than usual, because they make sure that there is no child labour involved in the production of the raw materials (cocoa beans in the case). Also, the workers working on the farm should be paid (at least) the minimum wage. So ethical decisions are taken in this case.
      Hope it helps…

  23. Dear IGCSE team,
    Please do try to upload the 2014 IGCSE Food and Nutrition papers before the 8th of July. I have my Food and Nutrition paper 1 on 10 June and I really need to practise those papers.

    Thank you.

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