Frequently asked questions about IGCSE exam results


When/where can I get my results?

CIE releases exam results in January (following the November exam series) and August (June exam series). Your school / exam centre will tell you when your results will be available and how you will receive them. You might need to go to your school / exam centre to collect your results, or your school might give you a password so that you can view your results on CIE’s secure website.

November 2016 results release for International schools
For Cambridge IGCSE & Cambridge O Level qualifications, results will be released to schools from 06.00 GMT on 17 January 2017. Schools may release results to candidates straight away.

November 2016 results release for UK schools
For Cambridge IGCSE & Cambridge O Level qualifications, results will be released to schools from 06.00 GMT on 17 January 2017. Schools may release results to candidates straight away.

Please contact your school for information about receiving your results.

Results for private candidates

If you are a private candidate you will need to contact the exams officer at the school / exam centre where you have taken your exams.

Can students view their results online?

Cambridge has created the Candidate Results website, which candidates can use to view their results online.

Login details for the Candidate Results Website are issued by Cambridge Schools. If you were not issued with login details or have lost them, please contact the Examinations Officer at your school / exam centre. CIE is unable to assist if you lose your login details.

How do I find out my exam results?

All Cambridge students should contact the examinations officer at their school / exam centre for information on results. CIE is unable to inform students of their results directly.

I have lost the username and password for the Candidates Results website. Can you issue them to me directly?

Login details for the Candidate Results website are issued by Cambridge schools. If you were not issued with login details or have lost them, please contact the exams officer at your school.

Important information:
The Candidate Results website is administered by schools and not by CIE, so CIE is unable to assist if you lose your login details.

I have received X on Result/ No Result/ Pending, what does this mean?

For each qualification these indicate that a result cannot be issued because of absence for the whole or part of the examination in the syllabus or because of a decision not to issue a result for some other reason.

The exams officer at your school will be able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the exam process including your examination results, certificates and results enquiries.

Please read more on what are the IGCSE grading means HERE.

How do I submit an enquiry about results?

Cambridge cannot accept enquiries about results directly from candidates or parents but if you speak to the exams officer at your school / exam centre, they will be able to help you.

All answers to general queries about “enquiries about results” can be found HERE. Download A Guide to Enquiries About Results and Appeals to know more about the processes.

I deserve a better grade than the one I was awarded. What can I do?

The exams officer at your school / exam centre will be able to help you so please contact them for further information. They will be able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the exam process including your exam results and certificates.

When will I get my hard copy Statement of Results?

Schools outside the UK will be sent hard copy Statements of Results in late August for June series, and in late January for November series.

UK schools no longer receive hard copy Statements of Results, but can download electronic copies from the CIE Direct homepage when results are released online. Six weeks after results release, Statements of Results will be removed from the CIE Direct homepage. To access them you will need to log in to CIE Direct, visit the ?Administer Exams? section and click on the ?File Transfers? tab.

If your school is in the UK, your exams officer will be able to provide you with a print-out of your statement of results. If you have any further questions, please speak to the exams officer at your school.

Missing and/or Incorrect Statements of Results

What should schools do if their Statement of Results are missing?

If your school is outside the UK, hard copy Statements of Results will be despatched in late August. If you do not receive your Statements of Results, please email info(@)cie(dot)org(dot)uk with your Centre number in the subject line. If your Centre is in the UK, you will not receive hard copy statements of results. You can download statements from the CIE Direct homepage or from your MIS package when results are released online. Six weeks after results release, Statements of Results will be removed from the CIE Direct homepage. To access them you will need to log in to CIE Direct, visit the ?Administer Exams? section and click on the ?File Transfers? tab. Please contact CIE if your statements are not available to download.

What should schools do if the information on the Statement of Results is incorrect?

Schools should contact CIE immediately with details of any errors in school or candidate names on Statements of Results, so that the required amendments can be made before final certificates are issued. An administrative fee is payable on requests for name amendments received after the following dates:

– 15 September for the June examination series
– 14 February for the November examination series

When will certificates be issued?

Certificates will be sent to Cambridge schools by the middle of October for June series, and by the middle of March for November series. If you have any further questions, please speak to the exams officer at your school / exam centre.

The school name will not appear on certificates issued to private candidates.

My university will not accept the provisional results provided by Cambridge. What can I do?

Candidates can apply for a Certifying Statement of Results to be sent directly to universities or other institutions. This is an official document issued by Cambridge which shows the grades obtained by a candidate in a given examination series.

You may request this service by submitting a Priority Results Information Application Form. This form includes full details and costs of this service.

What happens if I get a lower grade when I resit my examination?

If you resit a Cambridge examination, you will simply have two results for that qualification. It is then at your discretion which grade you choose to represent your level of attainment.

The final mark sheet will only state information regarding the corresponding examination series, so there would be no indication of the amount of attempts you have taken at an examination.

What is a Verification of Results?

Verification is a letter, confirming details and grades of a certificate supplied to Cambridge from a third party on behalf of an individual candidate.

Cambridge will verify a candidate’s results to third parties (i.e. university, employer, etc.) at the request of a candidate, but not directly to the candidate. The result of each applicant is checked against our permanent record. The verification supplied is based wholly on that record.

A third party requiring verification of a candidate’s results can, with the candidate’s permission, apply for our Third Party Verification of Results service. The appropriate application form can be obtained from CIE’s website. Please note that a copy of results is not sent with this service. If a hard copy of results is required, please apply for a certifying statement of results.

I have lost my IGCSE certificates, what should I do?

If you have lost your exam results certificate, or need another copy of your results, CIE can issue you with a certifying statement. If you would like to receive a certifying statement, please complete the application form HERE.

The form explains what you need to do before CIE can send a certifying statement either directly to you or to any public institution. The certifying statement shows all grades, except ‘UNGRADED’, ‘NO RESULT’, ‘PENDING’ or ‘TO BE ISSUED’ results, obtained by the candidate at a single examination series.

A certifying statement will be accepted by universities and other institutions as proof of your examination results. Correctly submitted applications will be dealt with within four weeks of receipt.

* Note: All info taken from CIE.

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  1. hi, my friend lost her Statement of Entry today. As she still has some examinations left, will she get a new one from her school or can she sit for her exam without it? she’s really stressed out about it as she has an exam the day after tomorrow and i cant seem to find anything else online regarding this matter. need your urgent help please!

    • Hello Zayen,

      We strongly suggest that your friend address this matter with her school immediately. Statement of entry is required during examinations.

  2. Hi, I’m a candidate currently taking my IGCSE. On the additional sheet, I forgot to fill in my personal details howver it was tagged to my question paper. Will it still be taken into consideration as it has been tagged?


    • Hi Ananya,

      As long as it is fastened together with your question paper, and the answer is labelled according to the question number, examiners will be able to mark it accordingly.

  3. I live in uae and I’m taking chemistry and English in may june 2019 for my last session. This session was the first session for the grading 1-9 system to be introduced. I know that what each value stands for but I just want to know how the paper is calculated and what are the factors each paper is multiplied by inorder to get the grade and how many marks lost in. Each paper for each subject to get atleast an 8 which stands for the A star and as well as. 9 for achiever. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Menna,

      The grading process for 9-1 IGCSEs will, in most respects, be the same process that is used in other syllabuses. The standards at the thresholds of grades 7, 4 and 1 are the same as the standards at the thresholds of grades A, C and G, and are therefore well established. To carry forward these well established standards, CAIE will use their well established grading process.

      This process uses a mix of statistical and judgemental evidence, which tells about how candidates are expected to perform and how difficult the question papers and mark schemes are. CAIE set grade boundaries for grades 8, 6, 5, 3 and 2 using arithmetic rules that space the grade boundaries at regular intervals between the boundaries for grades 9, 7, 4 and 1. The use of arithmetic grade boundaries is common to Cambridge and all other UK exam boards.

      Meanwhile, CAIE will use a new approach (called the “tailored approach”) for grade 9. The tailored approach uses an equation to determine how many candidates should receive a grade 9, and allows them to set a grade boundary. The tailored approach equation is:

      Proportion of those achieving at least grade 7 who should be awarded grade 9 = 7% + (0.5 × (percentage of candidates awarded grade 7 or above))

      The equation takes into account the ability of the candidates entered for the exam. For example, if candidates taking an IGCSE were more able on average than those taking GCSE in the same subject, the standard of performance required to get a grade 9 would not be affected.

      Where necessary, CAIE will use other methods alongside the tailored approach to identify the grade 9 boundary.

  4. Hi i just gave my o level exams
    I wanted to know that when will the mark schemes of the paper we have attempted be released and where? And what about the thresholds, when will they be released.

    • Hello Arbal,

      It can be anytime after the results are released. You may check the results release key dates here:

      Our library of resources is unavailable right now but we are working on it. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter for announcement. Alternatively, you may search for other sources of past papers. Kindly google them. Thank you.

    • Hi Tariq,

      There are some cases if the name and candidate number is written on the paper then CAIE can still manage to grant the grade to the candidate properly. It will just cause some minor manual handling. So next time please read the instructions and write properly.

      But you may contact CAIE,, directly regarding this matter.

  5. If a question says state one reason, and i write 2 reasons, out of which one is incorrect, will marks not be awarded for the whole question?

    • Hi Pratham,

      If you write more than one answer when the instruction specifically asked for ‘ONE’ answer, the examiner will only take into consideration the first answer.

      You should always READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and follow them. Doing more or less than instructed will not benefit you in any way.

  6. What happens if you put the wrong question number or didn’t put the question number on the paper? It was an english language paper and you had to choose 1 question out of 4 to write about. Even if it’s pretty clear which question I was writing on, will the examina just mark it as wrong or even ignore the whole essay I wrote because of the abscence of the question number / wrong question number? Or will they figure out when they’re reading my writing and eventually figure out which question I was writing? All 4 questions were very different and the question I did asked me to include a particular phrase, and I included it so I think it is obvious which question I did.

    • Hello Teresa,

      You have asked two different questions.

      Question 1 - Put the wrong question number:
      Examiner will mark your answer according to your labeling. If you wish to find out if examiner will award marks if you labeled wrongly, you must write to CAIE and get their confirmation. We cannot confirm on this part for you. You may reach them through their website:

      Question 2 - Didn’t put the question number:
      In this case, examiner will try to deduce which question you are answering to. If the examiner is able to deduce that, he/she will mark accordingly.

  7. Hi. I just gave my chemistry paper 4 exam this thursday. However the invigilator wrote my name because I was talking with my friend. But this was before she gave us our exam paper. So will my results be cancelled ? And if it yes so will the whole result be cancelled or just chemistry?

    • Hi Fatima,

      We cannot confirm this one for you. Please get assistance from your school’s IGCSE coordinator.

  8. I wrote my date of birth wrongly on my application for the may/june Malay paper and I only realise that it was wrong when I gotten my statement of entry. Will this affect my application for university? Will the university not accept my result since its not my right brithdate?

    • Hello June,

      We suggest that you address this matter with your school/exam centre, and have it corrected accordingly. This information is very important. Thank you.

    • Hello Baraa,

      You school cannot alter your grades. However, if you believe that your exam results are incorrect, you should talk to your teacher. If your teacher agrees that you should request a re-mark, you will need to contact your school’s IGCSE coordinator. You may need a letter from your teacher to support your request, and in most cases you will have to pay a re-marking fee.

  9. Do I have to answer all the question in order?
    Like if I first answer (c) first and then (a) and then (b).
    Will that be fine?

    • Hi Ishrat,

      For some subjects (e.g. Economics),it is usually suggested to answer all of one question together, in the correct order, i.e. from (a) to (d). This is for two reasons. One is because there is a logical sequence in the sub questions so that, for instance, answering part (b) may help candidates to form their answer to part (c). The other reason is that answering questions out of sequence risks candidates missing out some sub questions or committing rubric errors.

      However, we believe examiners would mark accordingly if you have provided all the answers to the question numbers listed.

  10. I got 86% in my IGCSE Hindi as second language examination which I sat in November 2018 and received an A grade however when converted to marks that I got out of the total marks for the syllabus, after the weighting has been applied, turns out be an A*.It would be really helpful if I could get a clarification for that as I feel really confused at this point.

    • Hi Suhani,

      The percentage uniform mark is not the same as the actual total mark that the candidate achieves on the syllabus. This is because the percentage uniform mark depends on both the actual total mark for the syllabus and the position of the grade thresholds (which may vary from one exam series to another and from one syllabus to another). The percentage uniform mark is also different from the actual mark because it is always calculated out of 100.

      For example, a student who gets the minimum mark necessary for a Grade A* obtains a percentage uniform mark of 90. A student who gets a mark halfway between the Grade
      D threshold and Grade C threshold achieves a percentage uniform mark of 55.

      It is a point on a common scale for all syllabuses to show whether the candidate’s performance is close to the top, middle or bottom of the grade.

      Please kindly read this for more information:

      Alternatively, you may ask your school’s IGCSE coordinator for clarification or write to the exam board for clarification.

  11. I did not write the question number in the margin so will my answer extra sheet be marked? I wrote it but not in the margin where it says ‘question number’

    • Hi Kinza,

      Most of the exam scripts are scanned and marked by the examiners in their computer. Furthermore, examiners will mark your answer according to your labeling. As such, if your label went beyond the lines, you are risking your answers not fitting into the scanned screen. If this happens, you will lose marks as the examiners won’t be able to see your full answers.

      • I used a gel pen in my igcse paper , although there were no smudges or leaks so will my paper be still marked ? as many say using a gel pen is not allowed. Also i had the same concern with using a 2B pencil instead of HB

        • Hello Riya,

          One of the reasons why they discourage students to use gel pen is it is often illegible when scanned. If you believe that your answers are clear enough then the examiners would be able to mark it. Same goes to using 2B pencil.

          It is wise to follow instructions instead of going against it. The ability to follow instructions is one of the essential qualities needed as a leader in the future.

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