How are IGCSE results reported?


How are grades reported on results?

Syllabus grades for all examination types are reported on the Statements of Results as an upper case letter followed by the corresponding lower case letter in brackets, e.g. B(b). This format is used as a security feature to prevent grades being altered by hand.

What does ‘NO RESULT’ mean?

‘NO RESULT’ or ‘X’ means one of the following:

  • CIE was notified that the candidate was absent or withdrawn from one or more components of the exam and is therefore not eligible for the award of a grade.
  • CIE was not notified that the candidate was absent or withdrawn and there is no record of their mark in one or more components of the exam and is therefore not eligible for the award of a grade.
  • CIE disqualified the candidate. Where this is the case CIE will have sent a separate communication to the Centre explaining the reasons for the disqualification.

What does ‘PENDING’ or ‘Q’ mean?

For each qualification ‘PENDING’ or ‘Q’ indicates that a result cannot be issued at present but will follow in due course.

What does ‘UNGRADED’ mean?

‘UNGRADED’ indicates that the student has failed to reach the standard required for grade G(g). ‘UNGRADED’ will be reported on the Statement of Results but not on the certificate.

What does ‘TO BE ISSUED’ or ‘Y’ mean?

For some Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses ‘TO BE ISSUED’ or ‘Y’ indicates that the result will be awarded in a subsequent series. For example: if you sat for the exam in the June series, you will get your result in the November series.

How are Cambridge IGCSE language syllabuses results reported?

For some language syllabuses separate oral endorsement grades are reported on a scale of 1 (ONE) to 5 (FIVE), 1 (ONE) being the highest and 5 (FIVE) the lowest.

Candidates who fail to reach the standard required for grade 5 (FIVE) will have nothing reported on the statements of results.

How are Cambridge ICE group award results reported?

The Cambridge ICE group award result will be reported on IGCSE Statements of Results for students who satisfy the ICE award rules as follow:

Cambridge ICE statements of results are issued to candidates who have entered for Cambridge ICE.

Distinction, Merit and Pass are awarded to candidates who meet the requirements of Cambridge ICE.

The statement of results shows the Cambridge ICE outcome and the individual syllabus results for Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level syllabuses.

Only individual syllabus results for the nal series are reports on statements of results. Therefore if a candidate is taking Cambridge ICE over more than one series, not all of the counting syllabuses used to determine the Cambridge ICE award are reported on the statement of results.

You will find details of the award rules for the Cambridge ICE group award in the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries, which is available from the ‘Support Materials’ section of CIE Direct. (We will be writing more about Cambridge ICE group award in our upcoming posts.)

* Note: All info taken from CIE (Cambridge International Examination).

51 thoughts on “How are IGCSE results reported?

    • Hi Fairoze,
      You may download the past exam grade threshold to calculate the range for A*. The range for each grade differs from year to year.

  1. hi. i just searched up the grade threshold of 0620 in 2016… the total marks are 160 but it is considered out of 200…. why is this? and what’s the logic of it? i think u divide ur marks by 160 and multiply by 200?

    • Hi Sarim,

      You are right. Just need to take your total marks and divide by 160 then times 200. For example: if your total marks is 200, then you can work it out as this way: 200/260 x 300 = 230

  2. When I get my ICE report card, will there be a total percentage for all my 9 subjects? How will this be calculated?

  3. Hi,
    For the Maths (0607) exam, will I only get a letter, or will I also get my overall mark out of 200, when the grades are posted? Also, when will the grades be posted for the May/June 2017 Exams?

  4. Hello IGCSE entre,
    I just needed to clarify a doubt.
    I’m an A Level student and resitting AS level Biology exam in the 2017 May/June upcoming session along with A level biology. When the results are out in August, will my statement of results online as well as the certificate delivered to my school show the individual marks for AS level biology as well as A level?
    In other words, will there be a grade in ‘lower case’ letter (as level grade) and a grade in ‘upper case’ letters (a level grade) in my issued statement of results?
    Please keep in mind that I’m writing both of AS and A level in the same exam session. (Upcoming 2017 summer session)
    I’ve already asked my exams officer in my school, and contacted CIE but they haven’t given me an answer as CIE only told me to contact my exams officer.So just wanted to make sure since it’s important to have these individual grades for university applications. Thank you so much and I hope I receive a reply.
    Thank you,

  5. Is it possible to use a pen with thermosensitive Ink in the actual IGCSE board exam? because I’m very bad at writing, I keep on mixing up my letters, for example, R for Ps or B for Gs. So there tends to be a lot of scratching out in my English paper and having a messy paper is the only criticism I get from my English teacher. In the mocks, I used this pen which had that thermosensitive ink which disappeared due to the friction of the pen’s eraser… and I got an A in English in my mocks because it was easier to read and correct.

    • Hi Yamini,

      If you can be 100% sure that this ‘erasable pen’ won’t cause your writing becomes smudgy during the paper handling, you are certainly free to use that. Please beware that, usually this kind of pen tends to cause smudgy wordings when a sweaty hand touches it.

      Perhaps you want to try to practise the ‘troublesome characters’ few hundred times in order to get them right before the exam? So you could write with the ‘safer’ ball pen.

  6. hey IGCSE team,
    im currently taking feb march 2017 in india,
    i wanted to know that when the grades come out,
    do we only get the grade or the percentage and marks too??

    thanks for all the effort you guys have put in for this website
    its extremely helpful!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are amazing

  7. my school does not offer IT and computer scienceand economics as well. what could you suggest me to do? how can i register for independent igcse course?

    • Hi Bob,

      You can find out if there’s any school in your area offers these subjects and is willing to take private candidates. You can enrol with them.

      You can find the list of registered Cambridge schools here:

      Otherwise, you can study on your own with online resources and register with the British Council in your local area to sit for the exams. Please note that you will have to first find out from the British Council if these subjects are available in your local area before registering.

  8. I am from India I just wanted to know that I will be appearing today 20feb 2017 for Cambridge cie exams Soo when we will get our results…? And I scored 70% in school prelims Sooo approximately how much can I get..?

    Please reply to my question…!

  9. Hi.. i dont really know igcse grading system! my sister just got her result and she got a 6 for igcse mathematics… is that a C

    • Hello Geey,
      The new 9-1 gradings are only available in the UK. And yes, 6 falls under Grade C. However, if you are not in the UK, you should be seeing Grade C. We do not know why is your sister receiving 6. You may want to ask the school for this.

  10. In which paper 0510 or 0511 is it easier to get an A star how is total of marks 160 and weighed 200 ? And generally from how much is the A star?

    • Hi Mark,
      0510 and 0511 have the same syllabus. The only different is, 0511 has the speaking test marks included.

      All you need to do is get your total marks divided by 160 and times 200. The A* range is different from year to year according to the grade threshold.

  11. Hi. Our family move around quite a bit so it is difficult to commit to a specifc school. I am thinking of getting my son to take IGCSE independently. But is it sufficient to learn just through the syllabus book?

    I am thinking of the subject English, Malay, Business Studies, Mathematics, Combined sciences, Economics and Environmental Management. Is this combination ok to qualify for ICE?

    I also thought Sociology would be a good thing for him to learn. Does British Council Malaysia hold exams for all the above subjects for private students? And is it held at British Council in KL?

    Another thing, where can I get the books? Seems difficult to find the syllabus books in the bookstores.

    Loads of thanks.

  12. I am getting 75% to 85% in science in school preliums. How much would I get in boards. Would it increase or decrease or remain same if I maintain this range consistantly.

  13. My grades have been bad for the past 2 years ( year 9 and year 8) but am now in year 10 I’ve changed but couldn’t improve in maths any ideas???? :(((

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