Memorise The Periodic Table by Groups, Blocks & Electronic Structure -Part 2

Or we should say, once you truly understand the fundamental of The Periodic Table of Elements, scoring A+ in Chemistry is easy peasy.

This is the Part 2 lesson from last week’s. Please go through Part 1 if you haven’t done so.

In today’s lesson, we are covering:

  • How proton number increases, and what happen to the elements when their proton number increase.
  • Which are the important Groups in the Periodic Table.
  • What is the electronic structure, and how it is being used in calculation.
  • How all the elements being categorised in Blocks.

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5 thoughts on “Memorise The Periodic Table by Groups, Blocks & Electronic Structure -Part 2

  1. Can you please say how is an A* given to the student… do you grade an A* on Chemistry?Is it under a particular range?

  2. I’m sitting for my IGCSE’s in 2 months. I need help with Organic Chemistry. I struggle in remembering all the properties and don’t quite understand the topic. It’ll be really helpful you come up with a video explaining it.

    Thank you!

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