Single Award, Double Award, Triple Award Sciences, Which is Better?

Many students and parents are confused when it comes to choosing the science subjects. In today’s tutorial, we are discussing:

  • The definition of each category of science.
  • What are you going to study in each science.
  • What kind of award you will be getting as your results.
  • And, the most popular question – which is better for you?

130 Replies to “Single Award, Double Award, Triple Award Sciences, Which is Better?”

    • Hi Saif,

      There have been many candidates confirming that taking Double Award entitles them to take Biology and Chemistry in AS / A Level. You may want to confirm this with your school or the A Level college.

    • Hello Tracy,

      As far as we know, the triple science is required for engineering courses. Please write to the university and get the confirmation.

      However, if you are already taking Science – Combined (0653), you cannot combine this with Physics (0625), Biology (0610) and Chemistry (0620) in the same examination series.

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