Scholarship Winners ? For May/June 2015 Session

Congratulation WINNERS!

Thank you so much for your efforts in making the videos, contributing your talent to make a positive difference, and most importantly your strong will in achieving grade A* !

Now, the winners are… (drum rolls)

  • Louisa Josy Angeline ? Indonesia

  • Yebin(Betty) Wang ? China

  • Nyasha Gail Smith Santos ? Mozambique (originally from Brazil)

  • Nisha Rengasamy ? India

Four candidates made it in this session. A BIG round applause to the winners.

Wish you great success in your IGCSE exams!

102 Replies to “Scholarship Winners ? For May/June 2015 Session”

  1. Hi IGCSE center,
    I would like to know if i can directly proceed to major universities after i get decent results in my IGCSE examinations .

    • Hi Sanjay,

      It depends on the university you wish to apply to. Some university offers foundation programs which you may be able to apply using your IGCSE results. However, it?s best to check the entry requirements either from the university?s website or contact the university directly.

    • Hi SM,

      Every university/course have different requirements. We wouldn?t know their requirement. You should call the university directly if you were not able to find it from their official website.

  2. Hello IGCSE Board…I got 3 A’S and 3 A*S so i was wondering what schools popularly give 100% scolarships for IGCSE

    • Hi Adeyemi,
      You may need to pay a visit to your local British Council and get the information on scholarship providers. If you wish to study in the US, you also can get the same information from the US embassy.

  3. Hello igcse center I was wondering if I could get the scholarship if I got 7A*s inn my IGCSE s to a powerful university like Cambridge or Harford

      • dear igcse centre, i have forgotten to sign my igcse answer sheet is it okay? because i was under so much stress but i have written my candidate number and my name.

        • Hi Lily,
          Please don’t worry. You have your candidate number and your name. You are good. 🙂 … Just make sure that you have also written your name and candidate number on the answer sheet.

  4. Hi igcsecentre!
    I would just like to know that for a 50-70% scholarship what are the grades required to get (anywhere in the world) I took 10 subjects so I would like to know roughly how many A*s and As I will need to get 50% scholarship or above…..

    Thank You

  5. Hi igcsecentre!
    To get a scholarship (anywhere) what are the grades required to get (assuming I chose 10 subjects)? I am talking…50-75% scholarship… Please help me!

    Thank You

    • Hi Sid,
      We can’t give you an answer for “anywhere”. Each university has its own regulation in terms of scholarship. You have to check with a specific university for this.

  6. Hello IGCSE TEAM,
    I’m Avantika from India. I really need your help in my Boards. I will be giving my boards in MAY-JUNE 2017. I am a great learner, but for some reason in my recent tests in school I haven’t scored my best. Could you please help me in the next 5 months. How do I even get scholarship for my universities after my IB Boards. Please I really need your help as I have great expectations and my parents are now getting disappointed.. Please help me..!

  7. i will be writing my board exam within 1 year and is it possible for me to get scholarship for a levels if not can you suggest a website i can refer to .

    • Hi Jeremiah,
      A good place to find out is at British Council. Just pay a visit to your local British Council and get more information.

  8. Dear igcse centre,
    I personally want to extend my thanks to you for being a great help to me going through my igcse’s. All of your tips and uploading pastpapers, marking schemes etc. have been a great help. I have got 3A*s ans 5As alhamdlilah.

    • Hi Musa,
      You can register with your local British Council and sit for your exams there. Please pay a visit to your local British Council and find out more details subject as exam registration dates, fees etc…

  9. Dear igcse centre
    i have marked Undergraded in FLeng and my remaing scores are
    Hindi – B and My school is telling me to take IB n clear my eng subject of igcse but I want to do medical in CBSE board . SO what should I do ?

    • Hi Saie,
      For medical study, the minimum grade required is usually Grade B. However, you need to check with the CBSE board for their minimum required grade.

      You might need to resit English language.

    • U should do as many pastpapers as possible and actually wen u do them u will have a good idea about the main topics u have to refer to paper 6…over all ..honestly i myself refered to as much of stuff as possible before the exam ..because u never no what is going to come..something totally new can appear in the u should be prepared

  10. Hey IGCSE team, firstly how did the above candidates win the scholarship? Secondly, is it possible for me to also get that scholar ship? Lastly, what exactly IS this “scholarship”? Thanks

  11. Hello IGCSE team,
    I was wondering if you could share the links/ the videos of the Scholarship winners. I would like to see their videos.
    Thank you

  12. i wanted to know if we can check our marks or the exam paper after the result is announced. can we do that any way?

  13. Hi, I am taking 3 subjects this sitting, I am good at Math and Physics but not Biology. May I know when the Revision Classes for Biology will start?

  14. hi !
    what are the requirments for scholarship in igcse ?
    I have given three papers and got 2 A* and 1A. And how many additional A* are required for scholarship now ?

  15. Hi IGCSE team,
    I Have 9 subjects, I’m doing well in physics, chemistry and additional mathematics, but I am not good in english language and english literature. So i wanted to that would english be counted or not, and in boards the percentage is given out of how many subjects 5 or 7?

  16. Hi, what’s the different between computer studies and computer science. And which one is recommended for computer engineering

    • Hi Esma,
      Computer Studies (0420) is no longer available since examination 2015. There is only Computer Science (0478) available. So, this is the one for you 🙂

    • Hello Annamaria,
      The number of subjects doesn’t define the chances of getting a scholarship. The grades for the subjects do.

  17. hello IGCSE team
    I would kindly ask u about the English count in oral second language examiner report and syllabus I couldn’t find them 🙂

  18. How many A*s does one need to get scholarship under edexcel system.Can one succeed in getting scholarship if he or she stops at O level qualification only without Advanced Level.

    Please kindly confirm to me when will edexcel O level results be out for May/June series 2015.

    • Hello David,
      Thank you for dropping by. For Edexcel results, please write to Pearson directly. We are sorry we do not have any information for Edexcel.

  19. how we can get a* in oct/nov exams of co-ordinated sciences and maths?
    What is grade threshhold for environmental studies and information technology may/june exams?
    Please soon reply..Wait for your hopefull reply!

  20. Hey IGCSE Team , when will the past papers AND mark schemes of m/j/15 be uploaded on this site??i just finished giving my IGs of urdu as a second language and environmental management(0680) yesterday…..i am desperately waiting to see the answers…. :_
    hopefully before the results!!

    • Hello Salwa,
      We have attached the link for you to download the syllabus in our previous reply to you. Didn’t you get it?

      Download HERE again.


  22. i know to known that how can i achieve good grades in business , accounting ,economics and maths and english plzz help me out

  23. Hi friends in IGCSE center
    You are great really and helpful to me as IGCSE German Consultant in a wonderful great School in Cairo. We are following the IGCSE System. Hopping that pour Students could make the IGCSE exam in the near Future.
    Ahmed Amin

  24. I am an IGCSE student based at kolkata..I wld like to subscribe to the teaching sessions..Q & A sessions..revision classes for class 10th at the earliest primarily for Science..Maths..& Economics..thank you

  25. Thank you so much igcse team and i am glad to thank my mom (Banumathi) for the great encouragements and the moral support from my dear siblings Ajay and Nivedha . I dedicate this proudly to my father also…..

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