Single Award, Double Award, Triple Award Sciences, Which is Better?

Many students and parents are confused when it comes to choosing the science subjects. In today’s tutorial, we are discussing:

  • The definition of each category of science.
  • What are you going to study in each science.
  • What kind of award you will be getting as your results.
  • And, the most popular question – which is better for you?

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  1. hello so i have an exam tomorrow and i dont know which past papers to study from papers1 or paper2 cuz i do double award science igcse so pls help i dont know what to do

    • Hello Umer,

      Yes and along with Sciences – Co-ordinated (Double), you may also want to consider these subjects: English, Maths, Additional Maths, Geography. But it is best that you check with the school that you have in mind and ask them for their subject and entry requirements.

    • Hi Victor,

      This depends on what you want to study in the future. We suggest that you check with UCLA on their entry requirements. In this way you have 100% confirmation on the needed subjects.

  2. Dear Madam/Sir,

    My name is Cherie. Can I take double science and Physics (0625) at the same time?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello IGCSE Team,
    I need to choose either double award or triple award and my aim is to become an engineer. Do universities prefer pupils who have done triple award or doble award science?

    • Hi Maria,

      It depends on the university that you wish to apply to. As far as we know, the triple science is required for engineering courses. However, some universities might accept Double Award Science. Please write to the university and get the confirmation. If they do required separate sciences, you might need to sit for the triple science exams later.

  4. hey igcse
    i have a question about my GCSE subjects i have chosen, i am doing double science and plan on becoming a doctor but i am worried because i am not doing triple science , can i still be able to do medicine with double award?
    many thanks.

    • Hello Ciara,

      There have been many candidates confirming that taking Double Award entitles them to take Biology and Chemistry in AS / A Level. You may want to confirm this with your school or the A Level college.

  5. Hi IGCSE Team,

    I am a parent and my daughter is taking IGCSE June2018 exam next year.
    Her subject of choice is, English (0500), Mathematic (0580), Co-ordinated Science (0654),
    Chinese (0547) and Business (0450).
    I will be registering for her exam in Dec-17 and would appreciate your kind advice with regards to the correct components to take and also to download the correct past papers for her to revise.
    Co-ordinated Science (0654) – 0654/22 & 0654/42
    Business (0450) – 0450/12 & 0450/22
    English (0500) – 0500/22 & 0500/ ??
    Mathematics (0580) – 0580/23 & 0580/43
    Chinese (0547) – 0547/12 , 0547/22, 0547/42
    All her subjects are Extented.

    Thank you in advance and looking forward to your reply.

  6. I take double science for GCSE in my school and i wish to become a doctor in the future. Is it possible to pursue this career if I’m doing double science right now?

    • Hello Candy,

      Usually, the required subjects for medicine are: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths for IGCSE Level.

      Though some of our candidates claimed they managed to admit into medicine course with Double Award, we still strongly suggest you to consult the university on the required subjects as entry requirement.

  7. Hi, I am a year 10 student studying IGCSE. I am planning to be a doctor in the futire and I am taking double award science, will it help me or should i take triple award. I wanted to ask too can i do my as levels on biology, chemistry and physics if I took double award science?

  8. Hi Igcse centre
    I want to know that am doing combined science this year but I want to do biology as a single subject next year. I want to know that after taking combined science can we sit for bio,chem or physics papers next year?

  9. I’m a Year 10 student who hopes to study Business Administration at university level. What subjects do you think are best for me to take in IGCSE especially with reference to the coordinated, combined and triple science subjects selection?

    • Hello Victor,
      We would suggest either Combined Science / Coordinated Science. However, it is best to confirm with the university on their entry requirement.

  10. Hi,
    I just started my IGCSEs and have the choice of choising between Co-ordinated Science (Double Award) and Triple Award. I cant figure out which one to choose as I dont know what I want to be in the future. However, I do like Maths,Science and ICT. I also plan to do A-Levels after IGCSE. I’ve heard that the triple awrad is very challenging and difficult, but it is recommended if I plan on taking Science in A-Level.Also,my family encourages me to take it if I can. What course should I take and are there benefits of taking triple or double award? Also is the triple award really worth it?

    • Hi Nikki,

      If you plan to take science subjects in A-Level, you might want to consider taking the Triple award. Otherwise, Double Award is also good to go. Many candidates claimed to be able to take science subjects with Double Award.

      If you want to have 100% confirmation, it is best to check with the A Level college/school that you?re going to apply. Each school/college would have their own entry requirement.

  11. Hi,
    I just started my IGCSEs and I have the option of choosing between Co-ordinated Science (Double Award) and Triple Science. I still am not sure what I want to become in the future yet but I enjoy Maths,Science and ICT. My family recommended The Triple Award but I heard that it shall be a very challenging and hard job. I’m also going to do A-levels after IGCSE. Which course should I take???

    • Hi Nikki,

      If you plan to take science subjects in A-Level, you might want to consider taking the Triple award. Otherwise, Double Award is also good to go. Many candidates claimed to be able to take science subjects with Double Award.

      If you want to have 100% confirmation, it is best to check with the A Level college/school that you?re going to apply. Each school/college would have their own entry requirement.

  12. Hello IGCSE CENTRE, will you be uploading Feb/March 2017 papers? Would be really helpful if you could upload them as I have my ICT (0417) practical exam on Tuesday

    • Hi Vidushi,

      We are doing our best to provide the past exam papers as soon as we could. However, we do not have a fixed schedule to update the papers. We will upload the papers as soon as they?re available. In the meantime, you can revise using the older past exam papers.

  13. Hi! I did IGCSE extended combine science in year 10 and got a B (71%). I moved to the UK in year 11 and now doing GCSE science core and additional. I’m about to apply for sixth form collage this year and i need to past 5 GCSE. My question is does my IGCSE combine science count as 2 GCSE or what ? Please let me know!

    • Hi Son,

      Combine Science (Single Award) is a single subject, hence it is counted as ONE IGCSE. Only Coordinated Science (Double Award) is counted as TWO IGCSEs.

      Please make sure you do not confuse yourself by thinking that IGCSE can be counted as GCSE. IGCSE can?t be ?counted as? GCSE. They can only be ?accepted as equivalent?. IGCSE is well recognised in the UK. Your Combine Science grade should be accepted for sixth form application. Please check with the college that you wish to apply to.

  14. Hi,
    I pass coordinated science in IGCSE in 2015. Then I studied AS level,2016 I didn’t get any grade. Now I am re-siting the Exam. Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
    Which countries are accepting AS level for university degree.
    I check In India, they says A-level is required.
    Can you help me to get its answer.

    • Hi Thomas,
      Usually A Level is needed as university entry requirement. We can’t tell you which universities are accepting AS Level. You might have to do some research on that. A good place to start is the embassy of the respective country the you wish to apply to.

  15. I’m planning to be a doctor in the future and I’m taking coordinated science, will I still be able to be one? What are the requirements?

    • Hi Ayumi,
      Coordinated Science is accepted, provided you have good grades for example AA or A*A*. However, you need to take Biology and Chemistry in A Level, or equivalent.

  16. Hi Team,
    Is the difference between Tripple Sciences and Coordinated Sciences is primarily around topics coverage for Phy, Chem, Bio OR is the complexity level also higher for the former.
    Please advise. Thx Monica.

  17. I am currently year 11 and will take mock and igcse next year. I am planning to be biomedical enginner but i am taking double award science now. Will that effect to be a biomedical engineer?

    • Hi Annie,
      It depends on the university that you wish to apply to. As far as we know, the triple science is required for engineering courses. However, some universities might accept Double Award Science. Please write to the university and get the confirmation. If they do required separate sciences, you might need to sit for the triple science exams later.

    • Double science awards are completly accepted for biomed engineering. I’ve got a double science awards gcse and have an offer to Cambridge with my current A levels to study chemical engineering (chemistry, physics and further maths). There are pluses to double science award as there are to triple science. Dont worry 🙂

  18. Hi ,
    I did my igcse x this yearwith coordinated science.
    Does that qualify me for an AP class in physics or biology in the USA at high school?

  19. Hi, please help me by giving useful advice as I am currently in Year 11 and in need of urgent help.

    I am still confused as I don’t know what I want to do in the future. My parents has recommended me to take Triple Science but it didn’t work out as well as they thought I’d do. The science teachers had opened an opportunity for students, who are currently struggling, to take Extended-Coordinated Science saying that we could do better. But, I also have thoughts on having my future career to becoming a therapist/psychiatrist, is it the right decision for me to be joining Extended-Coordinated Science? Also, after listening to Double-Award Science, it is slightly different compared to the one we have in school. Ours said that Double-Award Science does not include Physics, only Chemistry and Biology so 6 papers in total. It is a completely different to what has been stated on the video, but I prefer the actual Double-Award Science instead of the one in school.

    Please answer, ASAP – I am really desperate and helpless.

  20. Thank you for all of the information above. Please may I just ask for clarification re the different subject codes: Am I correct in saying that the single award is for Combined Science 0653; the double award is Coordinated Science 0654; and the triple award will be for the three individual subjects Chemistry 0620; Physics 0625; Biology 0610?
    If so, then what is Physical Science 0652?
    Also, from reading the above comments it would seem as though Physics is required mostly for any engineering degrees, is this correct?
    Thanks so much!

  21. Hi, I’m going to Year 10, I was wondering what’s the difference between coordinated science and triple science?

    • Hi Sid,
      Coordinated Science is just ONE subject, combining all Biology, Chemistry and Physics into one.

      The Triple Science is 3 separate subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

  22. Hi, I’m currently in the process of doing my IGCSE exams, and I’ve signed up for 8, 3 of which are the triple award science. However, im thinking of withdrawing English Literature as one of the subjects I’m doing. since I want to apply for medicine, which is very competitive at the moment, I worry that 7 IGCSEs won’t be enough for me to get accepted in a top university (the average number of IGCSEs taken is 8-10). Next year i will start my A levels – Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. I was wondering if as additional IGCSEs, I could maybe take the double award science while doing my A levels. i want to know if you’re allowed to take the double award science even if you have already done the triple award the previous year? (so i wouldn’t be taking them in the same year)

  23. Hello,

    If I wanted to choose either double award or triple award ! Which one keeps more opened options for unis ?
    And if I wanted to study computer science does it affect the options to unis if I chose double award rather than triple award?!!!

    • Hi Rachel,
      You need to find out what is the entry requirement from the university. We can’t comment on that as all the universities are having different entry requirements. Some might accept Double Award, some might require Triple Award.

  24. hi. i’m in grade 11 and i would like to go study medicine in UK. i take Biology and Chemistry do i need physics, since i was planning to take math or english instead of physics. what is it you recommend? should i continue to take A-Levels or go straight to foundation?

    • Hi Sonia,
      You have to decide if you like A-Level or Foundation. We can’t decide for you. We suggest you to talk to the university that you would like to apply, to confirm on the Physics subject. Every university has their own entry requirements.

  25. Hi, i’ m in year 10 and i am really not sure about something. I want to do medicine , so is it advised or required that i do A-level?

  26. I am considering going to Uni as a mature student to do a teaching degree. I would need a GCSE Science and would need to home study for this. The Uni have asked that the Science qualification be a full and complete GCSE. Please would you advise if the double science course is suitable? Thank you.

  27. Hello! I am a 10th grader and I plan to do medicine in the near future. I was wondering whether it would be possible to pursue my dream taking Biology and Chemistry but not Physics because I am not very interested to learn it. But if it is mandatory, I will take on the subject. I had done some research on some universities and it is not specified that I should take Physics. However, I would like a final clarity to make a decision I would not regret in the future. Thank you.

    • Hi Taniya,
      For medicine, you do not need Physics. Most of the universities require Biology and Chemistry. And of course English and Maths.

      • Im taking coordinated science (double award) and i want you be an engineer,will i be able to go into college and then take engineering with double award ?
        if not, what can I study in the university if taking the double award?

        • Hi Ahmad,
          Engineering courses usually require Physics and Chemistry, Biology too if you are taking any engineering courses related to Biology. The best way to get confirmation is to call up the university that you wish to apply for, and ask for their entry requirements.

          • I guess you didnt understand my question, I meant that im at grade 10 and I’m taking the coordinated sciences (double award) and i’m wondering if I can study Engineering when I enter university, will they accept me or I cant enter this Specialty because i already took the double award, because im lost and i need to know what will this double award subject will open to me Specialty when i enter the university

            • It depends on the university. You need to research the qualification of engineering first. If they don’t accept double award, then change to another university cuz probably they accept OR change your course.
              Double award do open to all kinds of science courses BUT it isn’t unnecessary to be recognised by all universities.
              However, majority of universities accept triple award more than double award. But if you are already know what do you want to study/do in the future, it is better to take triple award if it’s related to science cuz it is unnecessary to take all science subjects for triple award, but for double award you must take all of 3 sciences. But if you only take 2 / 1 science for triple award, you will have only 2 / 1 grades.
              For double award it’s for if you are unsure about what do you want to do in the future. Because for example if you only take Bio and Che but you want to engineering at the end, there should be a major problem.

  28. I want to become a doctor in the future but I got put into double award science. Will I be able to go into college and then do medicine with double award.

  29. At school, I have passed unit 1 science with an A and I have been moved to triple award. I
    plan to study psychology and become a psychiatrist in the future. Can you tell me the steps I would need to take to achieve this?

    • Hi Maddie,
      Just do your best to achieve minimum Grade B / A for your subjects 🙂 … That is the most important thing for you now. When you have gotten your great result, then we can see what’s next 🙂

  30. Hi, I’m planing to study medicine in the future and my teacher has chosen double science for me, if I’m planning to enter university in England for medicine, will they accept me even if I take double science??

  31. Hello,
    I’m going into year 9 in about a month and I’m still unsure about the sciences I should take. I’m hoping to get into a medical school and study psychology. I just want to clarify if I HAVE to study the three sciences or are biology and chemistry enough?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Salma,
      If you are very sure about studying Psychology, then Biology and Chemistry is enough. Else, you can always take Physics as well, just in case you change your mind after graduating from IGCSE.

  32. I have been told by my school that I have to take double science instead of the triple, but i want to take Biology A level in year 12. Will this make it impossible to do even if i leave my school after year 11, and will i have missed a lot of topics in each subject?
    Thanks, K

  33. To correct my previous statement. I would like to take Computer Science, Math, Physics and an additional to A levels. Will taking double science rin my chances of getting into a good uni such as warwick?

  34. Hi, I plan to go into chartered accountancy, Finance business or something along the lines of this such as an investment banker. I’m currently preparing for my IGCSE’s and I am in year 10. I plan to take physics maths computer science and an additional. However, will I ruin my chances if I take the double award?

    • Hello Ahsan,
      No, double award will not ruin anything. But if you are already taking Physics, you can’t take double award at the same time.

  35. Hello IGCSEcentre!

    I’m a grade 9 student currently in the middle of my IGCSEs. I take five core subjects for my school(English A Lang&Lit, Maths, Science Double Award, German A, History) and I chose Geography and French as additional IGCSEs. Next year I’m also taking Additional Mathematics IGCSE (it’s not offered this year yet, I’m doing it self-taught). In the future I would like to study medicine in England and before that, I want to take the International Baccalaureate. My subjects would be: HL Chem, HL Bio, HL Maths, HL English, SL Geography, SL French. Is it worth switching to the Triple Science Award now? My average in double award is always above 92% and I find the curriculum quite easy. I would have 5hours of science per week (for double award, as my entire class is taking double award) and one lesson more to cover the additional topics with my teacher. Is it too much with Additional Mathematics or should I go for it?
    Im sorry for the super-long text, I hope I explained myself clearly.

    • Hello Matthew,
      We would like to confirm if you are taking Cambridge IGCSE? or Edexcel? It looks like you’re taking Edexcel?

  36. I am in year 9 now and we are choosing our subjects for next year and Double or Triple award is the biggest strugle for me. I don’t really want to be a doctor I’m mainly looking towards Teacher, Lawer and Psycology. Which do you think would be better for the jobs i am looking into. Also I’m not very good at Chemistry but i do enjoy Biology and Physics very much.

    • Hi Amaryllis,
      You can consider Co-ordinated Science (Double Award). Just to let you know that, there is still a small portion of Chemistry in Co-ordinated Science and Combined Science. Otherwise, you can always take Biology and Physics separately.

      • hi IGCSE,
        I am in grade 9 and I am having a doubt , I want to a be doctor and want to choose coordinated science , so will the university afterwards ask me to have a individual marking for biology as I want to go for medical field ? can you please inform me. thank you

        • Hi Bisma,
          If you intend to go into medical field, it is better to take Biology and Chemistry, not Co-ordinated Science.

  37. Dear Madame/Sir,
    I am in year 9 and we are meant to choose what courses we want to take for IGSCE 2015-2017. On one of the courses it asks if we want to do double award science or triple. I really want to become a Doctor and go to Stanford University. But I am afraid that if I take triple I am going to fail, and regret not choosing double award science. Also another thing is if I should worry so much because it is only my IGCSE Courses for 2015-2017. Or does that not make a difference and I should care a whole lot cause this could affect my future. What do we learn in double and triple science? What is the difference between these two? How are the tests? Are they multiple choice? I dont understand the Grades? What grade do I get in double? What grade do I get in triple? Explain to me everything about double award science and Triple.

    I don’t know what to do, please help me. I used to go to an American School and then I moved countries and I go to an English school where they do IGCSE’s and I don’t understand anything.

    • Hello Iris,

      Calm down 🙂

      IGCSE is the best international platform. Nothing to be afraid of 🙂

      First of all, if you want to be a doctor, you ought to take Biology and Chemistry, separately (so called Triple Award/Science). NOT any Combined Science nor Co-ordinated Science. They are not difficult. The syllabus for Biology and Chemistry are wider, means you study more topics, comparing to Combined Science or Co-ordinated Science.

      The video above have already explained very clearly about the differences for Combined Science, Co-ordinated Science and the Triple Award.

  38. Hi i am m?didon,
    This year I am supores to chove beberem doubl? or triplo Award science. I am in doubt because In science I am only interesses in biology and I mau watt to be a doutor someday I am not really fond of chemistry and I absolutely jate physics would it really afeito me to take doubl? science if I watt to v? a fico-te someday because I am afraid of tadinha triplo science and failing physics as ir is harder .!!??

    • My name is madison and I am rewritting my unclear question. I am supposed to choose between the double and the triple award science(6 or 9) pedriods of science per week. I don’t know what to choose because I maybe want to be a doctor and biology is the only thing I like about science I am terrible in physics and if I were to choose the triple awrd science I qould also have to take more physics. I would like to know if by taking the double science I may not pass to some universities ?!

      • Hi Madison,

        Double award science includes Physics. If you do not like Physics, please take the individual science subject: Biology 0610, Chemistry 0620.

        You don’t have to register for Physics 0625.

        But if you are attached to a school, you might need to follow the requirement from your school. Please check this part with your school.

  39. hello i am an igcse student i finished my IGCSE subjects last year in year 11 but didn’t take biology. am currently doing AS exams for physics chemistry maths and ict.
    I will never go near medicine so will not taking bio affect me ?

    • Hi Omar,
      If you’re not taking anything related to Biology in university, not taking Biology will not affect you at all. But be sure you’re not going near any engineering courses that are related to Biology, e.g: Food Engineering, Biotechnology, etc…

  40. My son has opted for Physics, chemistry, computer sciences, environmental sciences etc..What are his options in the 11th grade? Please advice. In otherwords, since he has not taken all 3 sciences, how will thia affect him? He is not interested in medicine. Thanks

  41. is it compulsory to take co-ordinated or separate sciences to opt for sciences in 11th??
    please tell me..

    • Hi Devansh,
      Yes. You must take either Co-ordinated Science or Triple Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry separately) in order to enter into science related course. Either in 11th or A-Level or Pre-U.

  42. I am choosing combined science but wants to study medical in higher classes. Our teachers are asking us to give exams for combined science only. This is the first year of igcse in my school. My exams are in the month of November . Help me please.

    What is the difference between ice group award and igcse certificate and the benefits of it and should I enroll for it or not. Should I choose combined science or not? Should I choose geography as my subject if I wants to choose medical.

    • Hello Vinay,
      If you plan to study medicine later, it is advisable to take at least Co-ordinated Science (Double Award), or separate Sciences in Physics, Biology and Chemistry (Triple Award).

      ICE Group Award is more popular in North and South America. If you plan to further your study in these area, you may consider to enrol for ICE, but not necessarily.

      Geography is not considered as ‘core’ subject in medicine entry requirement. Take a look at your desired university entry requirement, and work backward on what subjects you ‘must’ take for your IGCSE.

        • Even i do have the same question. Is it mandatory to choose co-ordinated science ir separate sciences if we wish to take separate sciences in a-levels… Please reply

          • Hello Rohan,

            We are afraid you might need at least Coordinated Science in order to do Triple Sciences in A Level. However, you can always check with the A Level school and get confirmation on this.

  43. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your reply !

    May I further clarify the following point for the double award please?

    If I get A in Phy, B in Chem & C in Bio, what will be the overall grade please?



    • Hello Keith,
      You are most welcome! We think your further question might benefit other students, so we would answer them here.

      You will study all three Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Co-ordinated Science. They are considered as “sections” in Co-ordinated Science. Just imagine, there are 3 sections in ONE book. You will NOT get separate grades for Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

      As such, if you do well in Co-ordinated Science, you will see the grades as: A*A*, or BB etc… on your result slip. While other subjects like English, or Maths, or History etc etc… will show only one grade as A* or B.

      The duplication of the grades makes it called “Double Award”. And it is counted as 2 units, and worth 2 IGCSEs which means you “gain” 2 certification by doing one subject.

      Hope this clarify your question.

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