Tips For Design & Technology

Have you ever felt that you have done all revision that you need, but you still can’t get the questions right?

In today’s video, we’re giving some tips for Design & Technology paper 1 and 4.

You may download the past syllabus for this subject after the video. Read these syllabus carefully and find out what are the objectives for each topic.

Syllabus for Paper 1 (Right click to download file)

Syllabus for Paper 4 (Right click to download file)

11 Replies to “Tips For Design & Technology”

  1. Hi I just did my IGCSE DT paper 1. I am taking resistant materials but I answered question 3. Was I supposed to answer question 1? I didn’t know until after. I answered the question like how I would answer a resistant materials question. Assuming I would get 100% if it was a resistant materials questions, could that still mean I would get 0? I’m really upset because I’ve worked really hard and did really well on my coursework.

  2. Hello IGCSE Team,
    My son did CBSE syllabus till 10th in India. 11th and 12th he selected IGCSE AS and A level.
    We are completely new to the syllabus.In his school no one selected Design and Technology. He is the only one to select Design and Technology and he is appearing has a Private candidate from Jain Heritage school. They asked us to check the syllabus in internet because they are also not aware of the syllabus. We saw the syllabus but unable to understand the syllabus for AS level. Please can you tell me the Syllabus for AS level.
    We could’t get Design and Technology book.We took Collins Design and Realization ,Is this the required book. In internet it is showing syllabus AS and A level syllabus.
    But what is Syllabus for AS—?
    and A –?
    Has we are new we are unable to seperate. Please help us.I’ll be waiting for your reply,


  3. hey.. whats the best advice you can give to someone who has difficulties with Design and Technology and is a 2015 candidate.

  4. Dear IGCSE Team,
    The video is not even starting and I cant see the YouTube button.
    I tried refreshing it many times but it doesn’t work.
    This might be really of some help to me for the exam on the 4th of June.

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