Recommended Books

Books listed below have been reviewed by IGCSE Centre for their suitability and quality of content crafted according to IGCSE exams syllabus.

Please note the asterisk (*) for new books based on new syllabus and examination year.

(If your required subjects are not listed, please drop us a message at the comment box below. We would be very happy to review the books and list them for you)

206 thoughts on “Recommended Books

  1. Hi there!!
    I wanted to ask that is it okay to exceed the lines in the ESL writings and comprehension? And is it important to write an address in informal and formal letter writing?

    • Hello there,
      Just ask for a new answer sheet, then label your answer properly, and fasten it together with your question paper. If you exceed and write at the bottom of the page, chances are it might not fit into the scanned screen.

      Address is not necessary in informal and formal letter writing and there is no marks being allocated for it either. Though it is customary that schools will teach that as a proper format, and this is how you should write your letter in the real world.

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