What is Edexcel International GCSE?

Edexcel IGCSE has changed its title to Edexcel International GCSE from 2009. It is an international secondary school certification created by Edexcel Limited (commonly known as Edexcel), a UK company, with 75% own by Pearson PLC (a UK publishing conglomerate) and 25% by Edexcel Foundation (the charity which managed the board).

Edexcel started to offer it’s International GCSE from 2003. Up to today, Edexcel International GCSE is being offered to over 80 countries in the world, with 39 subjects available for international students.

Important Note

Students not to be confused between Edexcel GCSE and Edexcel International GCSE. Edexcel GCSE is only available for UK schools, which is similar to the UK national curricula GCSE. While for schools out of UK, they are offering the international version which is Edexcel International GCSE.


Though Edexcel claims its International GCSE certificate is accepted worldwide, students are advised to consult desired universities and colleges for confirmation before sitting for exams. As there are some major universities and colleges in certain countries do not recognize Edexcel International GCSE certification.


In 2002, BBC News reported errors being found on Edexcel GCE AS-Level Maths before the exam took place in the UK. But Edexcel decided not to inform the exam centres and let the exam continued. Maths students were affected, so did other students due to the constant announcement to Maths students.

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  1. Hello ,I am Aravinda Dahanayaka _ An English teacher in Edexcel curriculum .I am looking forward to doing soma model papers in English language and Anthology A ,prior to the exam to be commenced in 2018 ,therefore will be able to find some model papers along with answers . Please help me as I desperately need my students get A* and A ..thanks

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