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    • Hi Catherine,

      Please search on Amazon UK site to find the reference books that you need. Amazon UK has lots of IGCSE reference books available.

    • Hello Ahmed,

      You are free to choose the different exam boards. However, please make sure the different certificates would be accepted by your future university.

  1. Sir now the past paperr of igcse oct nov series are out because now the result has been declared sor can you please upload the latest papers so that i can use them for my feb march examination .

    • Hi Darshan, we do not have a fixed date to upload the papers. We upload the past exam papers as soon as we get ahold of them ? can be anytime after the results are released. You may need to check our website from time to time.

      In the meantime, you can practice using the available past exam papers on the website.

  2. Hi,
    Please could you recommend a study/text book for O-Level History (Modern World Affairs) 2134? I have looked on Amazon but they’re all for the 2147 or IGCSE syllabuses. I can’t find one anywhere.
    Thanks in advance!
    ~Ang12 🙂

  3. Hi, my brother is in Year 9 and being home schooled for the Cambridge iGCSE’s. How do the English exams work (does he do Language and Literature)? And what revision guides and work books would you recommend?

  4. Hi,
    Do you have any idea when you’ll finish making improvements? I’ve tried looking at this page often over the past few weeks and I was wondering when it’ll be up and running again.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Katniss,

      Please follow the instruction in the mark scheme. Mark scheme consists of everything you need to know on what is needed in order to score the highest band.

  5. Hi,

    I want my son to study IGCSE but I don’t understand how this works. Does it go by level in secondary school? I can only find for example Biology 3rd edition book but not level specific. And he’s in grade 9.


  6. greetings!!!
    first of all I would like to thank the team of this webpage for providing many useful resources .
    so my humble thanks to you.
    I want some help with igcse ESL (0510)
    tips for igcse chemistry (0620) -paper 6 [ESPECIALLY .]

    • Hi Ameen,

      Amazon UK has a variety of books that you can choose from.

      As for Chemistry, you?ll need a lot of practice.

      1. Learn and understand the key concepts and formulas. Familiarise/memorise the key equations/formulas (refer to the latest syllabus on what is expected: ).
      2. Do revision based on the latest syllabus and practice with the latest past exam papers ( ). Pay attention to the most common mistakes you always seem to make. Make notes and revise them, so you can avoid making the same mistakes in your actual exam.
      Minimize your reference checks. Try solving a problem with the formula without looking it up. You MUST do this as many times as you can. You will be able to remember the formulas/key equations better when you repeat this step.

      Hope this helps.

  7. How to prepare for chemistry ATP ,MCQ PAPERS AND English papers,please guide me for the write book’s n website to get the material

  8. Hi there,
    My son is 9 years old and we home school him. I want to prepare him for IGCSE. What books would you recommend to start with at his age? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Kama,
      We are very sorry that we do not have any primary programmes at the moment. You may want to click through the same publishers for IGCSE books. They might have primary books.

  9. I am an art and design teacher igsce, both o-level and a-level. Please i need the latest art and design book covering the entire syllabus

  10. ISBN Book Title Author Quantity
    0-582-31785-1 Longman secondary Histories – The Ancient World
    978-0-435966-91-1 Student Book 1, Edexel IGCSE Math A
    978-1-444-14378-2 Cambridge Checkpoint science student Book 3
    Cambridge Checkpoint science Workbook 3
    0-582-31783-5 Longman secondary Histories – The Middle Ages
    9780521693066 Cambridge IGCSE First Language English, 2nd Ed Cox
    9780521529044 Cambridge IGCSE First Language English Workbook
    9780719579028 Cambridge IGCSE Studey Guide for Chemistry Berry
    9780719579042 Cambridge IGCSE Studey Guide for Biology Hayward
    9780719579035 Cambridge IGCSE Studey Guide for Physics 3rd Ed. Folland
    Complete Biology for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Resource Kit
    9780199138807 Complete Physics for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Resource Kit
    9780199138814 Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Resource Kit
    9781444164428 Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology Brown/Watson
    9780199129317 Complete Business studies for Cambridge IGCSE and O Level
    9780719579035 Cambrdige IGCSE study Guidge for Physics 3rd edition Mike Folland
    0521693063 First Language English 2nd edition, Teacher’s Cox
    Complete Biology for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Resource Kit
    9780199138807 Complete Physics for Cambride IGCSE Teacher’s Resource Kit
    9780199138814 Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Resource Kit
    9780198389057 First Lnaguage English for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Jane Arredondo

    Please quote the best price

    • Hi Saqib,

      Please click on the respective books that you wish to purchase. You shall be able to order them online from Amazon and get the books delivered to you directly.

    • Hi Erhus,
      All the books listed on this page are recommended books that have been reviewed by us, in terms of suitability and content quality. Just click on the subject link on the right to view the books.

  11. Hi there!!
    I wanted to ask that is it okay to exceed the lines in the ESL writings and comprehension? And is it important to write an address in informal and formal letter writing?

    • Hello there,
      Just ask for a new answer sheet, then label your answer properly, and fasten it together with your question paper. If you exceed and write at the bottom of the page, chances are it might not fit into the scanned screen.

      Address is not necessary in informal and formal letter writing and there is no marks being allocated for it either. Though it is customary that schools will teach that as a proper format, and this is how you should write your letter in the real world.

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