Scholarships For 2015 IGCSE Revision Courses

We had an utterly fantastic great amazing last year. A very big Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all you amazing people out there.

In order to show our gratitude for your continuous support, we would like to give back to the society through offering “scholarships”!

Starting from 2015, we will be offering scholarships twice a year for our renowned Revision Courses.

10 (TEN) scholarships would be given out for this coming May/June 2015 Revision Courses, which will commence in February.

Subjects entitled for scholarships are:

  • English ? First Language (0500)
  • English ? Second Language (0510/0511)

You get to choose either one.

(We are only offering the above subjects for this coming session.)

Each candidate is only entitled ONE scholarship. If you have been chosen for this session, you will not be entitled the scholarship in the future.

So choose wisely as when to apply.

But, if you were not being chosen this session, you are most welcome to apply again in the next session.

Application Procedure

Here is how you submit your application:

  1. Find out ONE thing you are good at.
    E.g: It can be, you are good at Maths, or drawing, or computer, or cooking, or playing piano, or making jokes, or dancing, etc etc… Only you know what you are good at. 🙂

  2. Next, find one person to offer your best talent (the ONE thing that you are good at). That means to teach this person that you have chosen.
    E.g: He/she can be your friend, or classmate, or relative, or neighbour, or a friend’s friend, or even a stranger, or just someone who needs the help. It’s your choice.

  3. Video the whole process. In your video:
    • You must introduce yourself (your name and the country you’re from),
    • Introduce the person you have chosen and why you chose him/her,
    • Record a part of the process (or the whole process, you choose) while you are offering your best talent,
    • The feedback from that person after your teaching session.

  4. Tell us in your video why we should choose YOU as the recipient of our scholarship.

  5. Lastly, upload the video online.
    E.g: You can upload to YouTube, or Facebook, or Dropbox, or Google Drive, or Google Page, or anything online that can be shared with us. You can set the video as “Private” for not appearing to public. Then send us the link to view it “Privately”.

Please submit your link(s) HERE. Put the subject as “Scholarship”.

We do not need professional video editing (if you love to do it that’s fine too 🙂 ). You can make several videos, and upload all of them as video 1, 2, 3,… during the whole process.

Don’t give excuses to yourself as you are shy on camera, or you don’t have a camera.

You can borrow! Or just use your phone, or your computer ? you know how to find the solution! 🙂

Remember, if you want it enough, you will get it!

Start sending in your application from now. Scholarship application closing date is January 25, 2015.

53 Replies to “Scholarships For 2015 IGCSE Revision Courses”

  1. Hi,

    First of all I would like to thank you guys for this amazing website. Moreover, when will the scholarship applications for 2016 come out? I would love to apply.
    Thank you so much!

  2. I am intersected in igcse ;i have studied in IGCSE from 8-10 ;I wanted scholarship to reduce load on my parents and try to be independent
    I have written my exam in may/June and I am wanting for my results
    Please give some suggestion……………….

  3. Hi, I’m planning to get a scholarship for my IGCSE exams that I’m going to write next year, I want to know what things are required to get a scholarship and would like to know at what time of the year I can apply? Are there any applications I need, or good grades or a countries that don’t give?
    Can you let me know about the subjects that are available for scholarships?
    Thank you

  4. Hi, I just wanted to know whether it is possible to take your revision courses/classes without a scholarship. I really want to take your classes, and I will be giving my exams in 2016. Thankyou!

    • Hi Ananya,
      Yes, definitely you can. Make sure you have already signed up to receive our announcement on the opening of the registration.

  5. I’m writing my IGCSE English as a second language test on 5/may.
    I’m just wondering if you will be giving scholarships again this month or not. Thank you

  6. Hi,
    To get scholarship is it enough to get A* from all courses or is there a need to have a special ability like drawing and singing

    • Hi Mustafa,
      It is very much depending on each university. They all have different requirement. It is best to confirm with them.

  7. Hi
    i’m taking my IGCSE examinations this coming month and i don’t think i’ll do that good , but even if i don’t am i still eligible for a full scholarship in the US?

    • Hi Ahmed,
      You could ask the university about this. As far as we know, you ought to have excellent result in order to get a scholarship.

  8. Hello,

    I am from Sri Lanka and I’m a bio medical engineering student. I just received this news about the scholarship opportunity and its is quite unfortunate for myself that I am just seeing this now. 🙁
    Is there any possibility to join this program? Please let me know. (y)

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Monica,
      If you have passed the IGCSE, there is not necessary for your to enrol into our scholarship. Our scholarship is for candidates who are sitting their IGCSE exams.

  9. Hello…. Since the scholarship for may June is already done……could we get to see the videos of the winner or of other contestants……!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Marufa,
      So sorry, this can’t be done. The participants wouldn’t want their videos to be published online and we respect that.

  10. Hie
    My name is Abigail and I stay in Zimbabwe. I will be sitting for my igsce exams in November 2016 , if I get A* in all my 10 subjects will I get a schlorship .

    • Hi Abigail,
      Yes, with such excellent result, we are sure you could get one scholarship with any university.

      Please note that, our scholarship is meant for candidates who are going to write IGCSE exams. Not meant for university.

  11. Hi my name is Omar
    Some people told me that if I get 7 A* I could have a full cambridge university scholorship . Is this true??

  12. I give my 10th grade IGCSE board exam in October, are there any scholarships open then? And if so, which universities? I live in India, so would I have to travel? And one last thing, what courses are the scholarships you’re offering for: A levels or IBDP?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hello Tanya,
      So sorry, the May/June session has already closed. But if you’re taking your exam in Oct/Nov, you are most welcome to submit your entry when the application is open again.

      Make sure that you have signed up to receive our announcement.

  13. Hello,
    If i di hypothetically win a scholarship next year while in my IB course will I still be allowed to take a course with you guys? 🙂

    • Hello Mercy,
      The scholarship is for candidates who are going for IGCSE exams. If you’re already in IB, you do not need to write IGCSE anymore 🙂

      • Tgankyou very much for your patient response. I am not sure if this is appropriate to say , however if you do have post igcse scholarships do email me. (With the email i have given if possible (y) )

  14. i actually i am taking IGCSE this year in may/June and of-course aiming for A* in all my seven subjects , but many people are telling me that i have to take the A-level to go to university , so is there anyway to go to the university with only IGCSE

    • Hi Assmaa,

      There are some universities do accept IGCSE as entry requirement. You really have to check with the universities that you’re interested in.

  15. Hi, right now am studying in Sudan, Africa. Next year I am sitting for my igcse exams, i am taking eight subjects and am willing to score A* in all of them. If i score those eight A* what can i do with this certificate? will i get scholarships? And will other universities request me to join them?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Ahmed,

      If you have achieved all A*, definitely you could get a scholarship. You need to apply directly with the university that you are interested in.

  16. hi, i just received this news about the scholarship opportunity and its is quite unfortunate for myself that i am just seeing this now but i am also quite privileged to have been given the opportunity, i want to say thank you. The reason for not seeing this earlier was because i had just seen my igcse results and was just recovering from the shock.

    • Hello Azeezat,

      We hope you are feeling much better now. Please know that, the result doesn’t represent who you really are. If you don’t like what you have got now, you can always resit the exam anytime.

  17. Is that fine, if i submit only one video before jan 25th in sign of applying for the scholarship and then submit the rest of my videos after some days? Because i really need some time to choreograph as am choosing to dance!

    • Hello Nisha,

      We will announce the scholarship winner on January 27. We can’t prolong any longer as the “Early Bird” registration for the revision courses will commence end January.

      You can make the dance ‘shorter’ or simplify it. We know a whole piece of dance takes a long time to choreograph.

      We can’t wait to receive your videos! 🙂

    • Hello Celeste,

      You get to choose either English First Language or English Second Language. There are only 2 subjects available for scholarship for this term.

  18. Hi ,,, I am good at singing , writing ,, so do u accept this ? 😀
    And I am gonna apload my video soon 🙂
    But if I am chosen so where will I go ? And how long am going to stay and with whom gonna live with .. ? 🙂
    And do I have the ability to take my mother or both parents ? 🙂
    Please help me with this 😉
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hello Rahaf,

      You don’t have to go anywhere :)… You study online, and at your comfortable home. And of course with both your lovely parents 🙂

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