Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

Cambridge IGCSE is being offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board from The University of Cambridge.

* Note:

  • Updated up to Oct/Nov 2015 for ALL subjects. (HOORAY!)
  • When there are changes of syllabi, you will find “Specimen Papers” inside the folders. Otherwise, no “Specimen Papers” available means no changes of syllabi.
  • We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers. We do not have any grade 1 - grade 10 past exam papers.
  • Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before you post your queries to us.
  • DO NOT wait until last minute to download the past papers. You will experience “error message” when this page is overloaded especially when it is close to exams. So please, download everything you need from now.

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5,811 thoughts on “Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

  1. Dear IGCSE team,
    My name is Rumaya and i study in SLISJ. Could i Please know whether you will be updating the pastpapers from 2002 to 2008 (ICT) because I am finding it very difficult to find Information and Communication technology (0417) Sourcefiles? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your website is really helpful.

    • Hi Rumaya,
      We have uploaded everything that we have got. Don’t worry, we will keep updating this page once we have got new stuff.

  2. pls its a v.urgent qns.i have igcse tomorrow so pls reply fast.

    does the examiner cut marks for writng beyond lines. i saw ur reply on another qn but is it same in all case,do they mark the things you write beyond after seeing it.
    all our teachers always say they don’t consider anything beyond line n my friends say it all *depends on the examiner’s mood* is that true
    also,when scanned how much is scanned??

  3. Hi
    Just to let you know
    Paper 4 mark scheme and Paper 4 question paper isnt uploaded for
    Physics (0625)
    2015 may:june, Feb:March, October:November

  4. for the AD Math exam for paper 21 i believe there should be no amplitude for a tan graph yet we were asked to find the amplitude

  5. Hi,
    May I please know that , if by chance we made a mistake on the paper and I want to cut off my wrong answer and write the correct answer , can we use the blank page to write our valid answer?
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  6. Hi. I’m taking Environmental Management and was wondering where the mark scheme for the winter series of paper 22 2015 was. If you could update it, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  7. Hi
    may i pls no in wat order do we add sodium thiosulfate water and HCL in the precipetation rxn (chemistry 0620) ?

  8. Dear IGCSE Term,
    I had recently taken my IGCSE examination on Feb/March 2016. Will I be getting my results in terms of percentile or in terms of my percentage?
    Is it possible to re-evaluate mark in a subject?
    is it possible to rewrite a exam, even if i have cleared it?

    It would be really helpful, if I get a response as soon as possible.

    • Hi Mohammed,
      You would be able to see the total percentile for each subject. Definitely you can request for remarking a certain subject, or to resist any subject at your wish.

  9. Good Afternoon IGCSE Centre
    May I please know when the May/June papers will be released on your website?

    • Hi Mustafa,
      We honestly do not know when will we obtain the papers. Please do not worry, we definitely would upload them here once we have gotten them. 🙂

  10. Did anyone else find Additional Maths paper 12 difficult? Do you think grade thresholds may be low for it?

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