Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

Cambridge IGCSE is being offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board from The University of Cambridge.

* Note:

  • Updated up to Feb/March 2017 for available subjects. (Yay!)
  • “Specimen Papers” would be available when there is a change of syllabus for that year. Otherwise, “Specimen Papers” would not be available when the syllabus stays the same.
  • We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers. We do not have any grade 1 - grade 10 past exam papers.
  • Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before you post your queries to us.
  • DO NOT wait until last minute to download the past papers. You will experience “error message” when this page is overloaded especially when exam is approaching. Please download everything you need now.
  • Please know that all of our efforts in providing past papers are voluntary and at the soonest possible time. Please do not “demand” or “order” us to provide any past papers to you at specific time. You should be thankful that all the past papers are FREE and available easily for you to download here.

7,976 thoughts on “Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

  1. Splendid! Before I got to know this site I was constantly switching between sites as some sites and papers the others didn’t. The papers here are organized neatly which gives the students a smooth experience. I did suggest all my friends to use it. So on thier behalf and mine I am saying thank you. Please do keep up your good work.

    • Hi Meg,

      That is the paper we’re missing as well. However, we will keep updating the past exam papers. Do check the page from time to time.

  2. Dear IGCSE centre,

    I would like to clarify three doubts :-
    1. If we write beyond the space given will the examiner reduce marks and if we want to write a question which have realized is incorrect then where are we supposed to write ?

    2. In our IGCSEs how do we fasten our work after finishing the test ?

    3. As per our CIE timetable for the O/N 17 series physics(mcq & theory) is on 7th Nov while chemistry(mcq & theory) is on 8th Nov, so how would we effectively manage our timetable ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Nisarg,

      If you write out of the space given, no marks will be deducted. However, you will have to bear in mind that the answers you wrote out of the space provided might not fit into the scanned screen. You can just ask for a new answer sheet, label it correctly, and fasten it with your question paper.

      You must confirm the method of fastening with your exam centre / the exam officer. The usual method is to tie with a string or stapler.

      We hope you have finished your revision by then. You should be well prepared by then and with the remaining time – you can have a quick look at your notes and then, have a good rest before the exam day. You should not do any last minute revision just a day before the exam. That is the reason our revision courses are planned to finish before the exam starts:

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