Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

Cambridge IGCSE is being offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board from The University of Cambridge.

* Note:

  • Updated up to Oct/Nov 2015 past exam papers. (covered most of the subjects, please stay tune for the rest :) )
  • When there are changes of syllabi, you will find “Specimen Papers” inside the folders. Otherwise, no “Specimen Papers” available means no changes of syllabi.
  • We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers. We do not have any grade 1 - grade 10 past exam papers.
  • Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before you post your queries to us.
  • DO NOT wait until last minute to download the past papers. You will experience “error message” when this page is overloaded especially when it is close to exams. So please, download everything you need from now.

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4,879 thoughts on “Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

  1. Hey IGCSE team

    In ICT there is a new portion in paper 2 practicals called mail merging. Do you know where we could get practice questions for that topic?

  2. Dear IGCSE,
    I Wanted To Inquire If There Are Any Restrictions On The Type Of The Calculator Used For Math papers(2,4) 0580

  3. Dear IGCSE centre,
    The Economics (0455) papers for Feb/march 2015 have not been released on the site yet but the mark schemes are already there, I hope you look into this issue soon. Also, when will the economics papers for the October 2015 session be released on the site?

    Thank you for all your help and support.

    Pranav. C

  4. hi , i am writting to you from kenya , my son sat for igcse in Oct/Nov and didnot perform well in some papers i want him to resit the papers in Oct/Nov 2016 instead of May/June so that he can prepare for them is this possible , kindly advice.

    • Hi Philomena,
      Yes, of course it is possible. You can register him with your local British Council and sit for the exams as “Private Candidate”. We suggest you to pay a visit to British Council and find out what are the available subjects in your area.

  5. hi my son sat for igcse in oct/noc 2015 and he didnot do well i want him to resist some papers bt want him to prepare fro hem can he skip resitting in may/june and sit in oct/nov we are from kenya , kindly advice

    • It depends on what you want to study in the future Jerry. If you could tell us, then we could suggest something more concrete for you.

  6. Is there any practice questions in any site for forms in database(ICT Paper2)?, want to get an idea of how questions will be asked related to forms in database, paper2-ICT

    • Hey SweetKid

      In paper3 concentrate more on your vocabulary and sentence structure. Read your question carefully to find whether its an argumentative or descrptive writing. And for descriptive and Narrative plan your work properly espeacially for Narrative plan your plot and climax carefully. For descrptive make sure u change ur writing to narrative its a common mistake. And also be careful about punctuations and spelling errors. Check your work before submitting the paper. PRACTICE A LOT.
      Your appearing for the Feb/March session?

      • Yep! Finished few in the oct/nov session n doing the rest in feb/march.

        How about q1 on paper2…waiting for your reply

        All the best!! May the Almighty’s help always be there with you

        • Hey Sweetkid

          Thanks may he help you too:)
          For ques1 in paper 2 read carefully all the content points will be found in the passage! :)

  7. How many time can resit in improvement exam for only one subject. My daughter get grade E in June 2015 exam and then again in Nov 2015, can she sit in June 2016 exam only for English (0500)

  8. i am giving exams first time and i have chosen English from IGCSE. Please give me some tips to attend the paper and what is the best way for the preperation of the exams.

  9. Thankyou so much for this website….
    I have one request
    Cannt u plz make the model answers of english as a second language free in cost for a day ….
    That will help a number of students who are not able to pay including me…
    Plz igcse centre ..

      • sorry i was in a hurry a bit so i wrote it wrong.
        actually the listening tracks are not playing so i download they but they did not completely downloading.
        its my first year of the exams so i do not have much idea so please help me out,i am so worried
        and also give me some tips

    • There won’t be any exam papers available before the exam :) … Please just concentrate in practising and don’t waste time searching for the exam papers 😉

  10. Dear IGCSE Center,

    I really appreciate your efforts in maintaining this site…its of awful help to all of us out here.

    We’ll surely be forever grateful to you for your generous support to face the IGCSE exams…its hard to find a wesite of this kind anywhere.

    May God give you the strength to maintain this site for the coming years and may it earn fame all over the world.

  11. Hello IGCSE CENTRE,
    I just wanted to ask you about syllabus because I don’t really understand what are syllabus.
    Like now i am solving math (580 )past papers is what I am studying wrong since 2016 syllabus is going to be different from 2015.

  12. I am appearing for my IGCSE in a few days I am really nervous and if I could get some tips to calm down. I am impressed by igcse centre as it decreased by stres as all papers available at one location. Others please help me with the rest

    • There are no 2016 specimen papers for Mathematics 0580. Please read the note above. They are in “Red”, you can’t possibly missed them 😉

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