Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

Cambridge IGCSE is being offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board from The University of Cambridge.

* Note:

  • Updated up to October/November 2014 past exam papers. (covered most of the subjects, please stay tune for the rest)
  • Folders 2015 and 2016 contain specimen papers for examination year 2015 and 2016 respectively.
  • We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers. We do not have any grade 1 - grade 10 past exam papers.
  • Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before you post your queries to us.

DO NOT wait until last minute (on the last day of revision before the exam on the next day) to download the past papers. Do it WAY before, keep the past papers with you and, most importantly, practice them.

* If you can’t see the list below, click HERE.

There is enormous high traffic right now. Google is crashing on us. Try to access this page at odd hours, e.g: early morning 6am-7am or late night 1am-2am (your local time)

Exam SOS - Special Links
For those who can’t access the listening tracks. Click below links:

English as Second Language 2015 specimen Paper 3 Listening Track

English as Second Language 2015 specimen Paper 4 Listening Track

Spanish – Foreign Language (0530) Listening Track

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3,109 thoughts on “Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

  1. Why are grade thresholds really high for additional mathematics.
    In 2008 Oct/Nov the minimum mark to get an A was about 86.
    I am worried

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