Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

Cambridge IGCSE is being offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board from The University of Cambridge.

* Note:

  • Updated up to May/June 2015 past exam papers. (covered most of the subjects, please stay tune for the rest)
  • Folders 2015 and 2016 contain specimen papers for examination year 2015 and 2016 respectively.
  • We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers. We do not have any grade 1 - grade 10 past exam papers.
  • Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before you post your queries to us.
  • DO NOT wait until last minute to download the past papers. Do it WAY before, keep the past papers with you and, most importantly, practise them.

There is usually enormous high traffic when it is close to exam. Google had crashed on us during the May/June 2015 examination session. No one was able to access this page, at all. So please, download everything you need from now.

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4,604 thoughts on “Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers

  1. Dear IGCSE Centre, or anyone who has done the exam
    Can you tell me what come in IGCSE Biology paper 62 Alternative to Practical
    I mean what type of question like drawing, investigation, food test, etc
    And If drawing what you were asked to draw.
    I am really Worried .
    As I am a bad drawer
    By the Way, My exam is in May/June 2016

    • Hi Beth,
      If your answers were managed being scanned into the screen, then yes. Otherwise, the examiner won’t be able to see your answers if they weren’t fit into the screen.

  2. ohh…but confirm your work would be seen if u clearly indicate where the continuation is and you label properly the question number

  3. Dear IGCSE Team,
    Other sites on the internet say that Zone 4 IGCSE results will be out on January 13th and that is when our school has informed us to come collect the results. However, here many people say 19th January. Could you please confirm?

  4. Hi IGCSE Team,
    I was wandering how exactly are threashold set? Is it like the average of everyone around the world?

    • Hi Frances,
      It is not “average”, it is being determined by the world scoring pattern. If you want to know the detail, you could write to CIE directly, or simply as your exam centre :)

    • Hi Khaled,
      No. Past papers are for your practices, and get a feel of how the exam would be. All exam questions are freshly made :)

    • HI Nicholas,
      Yes, there is a probability that any writings beyond the lines won’t get scanned during the scanning process. Thus, it makes your writing incomplete and won’t get awarded properly.

      • Our teacher said that often additional sheets are not marked so better fit your answer even if the words spill over…therefore i wrote beyond the lines:_(
        Will the additional sheet be marked

    • Hi Suzan
      I will advice you first to believe in yourself. Secondly do a lot of past papers and check your answers in the marking scheme this will help you to get used to the style of the questions. Thirdly if your exams are on May / June don’t think it is too far start prep from now . Fourthly make sure you complete all the necessity thinks in the syllabus meaning the required textbooks . Fifthly and most importantly pray to God so that He help you to complete your exams well and do your best .

      That’s from my point of view . Hope it helps 😃

  5. Dear IGCSE team,
    I was asking what if I exceed the word limit to 450 from 350 will my paper be marked or I will loose many marks in english paper 2 😢😢


        • Hello Razan,
          We have not seen the actual writing and how your teacher “cut” your marks. We are sorry we couldn’t comment on that.

          If you are referring to Summary, then yes, you won’t get awarded for exceeding the wordings. For composition, it is fine as long as you could finish all essays in time.

  6. Dear IGCSE centre,

    I am really thankful to u all because till now i have done my exam really well………….hoping for good result in january………….by the way when is the result of IGCSE examination…………..


  7. Hi IGCSE Team

    Could you please let me know the appropriate administrative zonal codes for the following subjects for Malaysia.


    If I have to download the past papers for these subjects, how to choose?

    Thank you

  8. Hi,

    I need help with the following subject codes if they are taken in Malaysia. Please let me know the codes of administrative zone which follows after these codes.

    1. Maths 0580
    2. Ad Maths 0606
    3. English 0500
    4. Biology 0610
    5. Physics 0625
    6. Chemistry 0620

    From the answers to the similar questions, I have gathered some information about the codes for Maths & Ad Maths (0580/22 & 0606/13 respectively). I want to confirm this as well.

    Thank you

  9. Dear IGCSE team,

    Is it ok to write my candidate name with different spelling from the passport……… I wrote Mohamad instead of Mohamed. Will this make any change?

  10. I just want to ask a question about biology there was a question as asking about the type of the tissue that responds to the stimulus of electrical intervals and the answer was cardiac muscle and that question came in our quiz however I wrote the answer (cardiac muscle) is this considered right as well? thank you

  11. Hey
    I am an Additional Math student and I would give my exam in May/June 2016,
    I would like to know everyone’s experience, possibly learning from the people who have already given AM exams :)

  12. Was looking for French 0520 past papers for May June 2015, however every paper in that folder is actually Feb March 2015. I thought March exams were only beginning from 2016???
    Have you uploaded or received papers for this subject for May June 2015
    Please help

    • Hi Monica,
      March series is available every year, depending on the subject. We have fixed the French Foreign Language folder, the French First Language folder contains the May/June 2015 past papers.

  13. Dear IGCSE Team,
    I would like to know if it is compulsory to take first language Arabic if I want to study in the UAE if I am an Arab even though I have the american passport.

    • Hi Awab,
      It might be a good idea to call up the university and get their entry requirement. If you do not wish to do Arabic First Language, you can consider Arabic Foreign Language. We strongly suggest you to get the confirmation from the university before you decide for your subject.

  14. I would like to find out some information about IGCSE exam paper for chemistry:
    what the difference between
    1. paper 1 – there are paper11, 12 and 13 which one should i print?
    2. what is the difference between paper 2 and paper 3
    3. paper 2 there are 21,22 and 23 which one should i print

    • hey, you could print paper 11 12 13, no difference , just different structure of the same questions so that countires in diff time zones cant communicate and cheat.
      paper 2 is core, 3 is extended
      you can print any of them (21,22,23) cos theyre the same thing

  15. I am in Egypt. I am taking Math A Level : Syllabus 9709 P1 , P3 , M1 and M2.
    Will my exam be 9709/11 or 9709/12 or 9709/13 for P1, and so also 9709/31 or 9709/32 or 9709/33 for P3. And so on for M1 and M3 ?
    Thanks .

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