Cambridge Revision Courses

For May/June 2017 examination series

Suitable for Cambridge IGCSE and O Level candidates.


* January 2018 and March 2018 examination series candidates please register for this revision session, or in the August 2017 revision session. We will NOT have any extra revision session before January/February.

** US Department of Education study revealed that online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction. (That is the reason why we have got so many happy and proud A* candidates 🙂 )

Registration for the A* online revision courses will remain open until April 30, 2017. However, please do register as soon as you can in order to have ample of time to finish all the courses.

Teachers, schools/learning centres please use the contact form to write to us for special rates.

How It Works

Here is what you will get from the Revision Classes:

Any device

Login to study on your laptop, tablets, desktop, or even your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere. As many times as you wish.


Know what are the common mistakes candidates made in the exam, and how you can avoid them.


Video tutorials based on the new syllabus, and ONLY what you need to know for the exams.

A+ icon

Examiner’s tips to score A*, techniques and guidance on how to answer exam questions, and what are examiners looking for in your answers.


Download exam-style practices. Solutions and explanations will be provided via video/text format.

understand and apply

Video tutorials emphasise on how to apply the theories learnt into the exam questions and daily life.


Courses are released weekly according to a fix revision timetable - to ensure you finish all your revision in time.

internet speed3

Make sure you have at least 10Mbps for both Download and Upload internet speed, and devices with fast processor - in order to have uninterrupted studies. Test your internet speed here: , and clear your devices.


For English subjects ONLY, send in your practices via email for marking by the IGCSE subject experts/examiners. Receive your papers along with suggestions on how to score A* and not to repeat the same mistakes during exams.

Entry Requirements

Whiners, chronic complainers and rudeness are strictly not welcome.

The below Terms & Conditions must be fulfilled.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Respect the Start Date and End Date.
  • As Candidate: be conscientiousness, take initiative to build time management skill, follow the timetable diligently and work on all necessary homework that is required to score A*. DO NOT constantly sending emails to demand attention, DO NOT complaint you can’t finish the course if you have not put in required efforts and take up the responsibility to follow the timetable. (Candidates in the UK, India and Middle East please pay special attention to this)
  • As Parent: polite, honest, respect the Start Date and End Date. All demanding attitude, authoritative, and rudeness would not be entertained. Please check your “Spam Box”, connection problem, whether your child has taken necessary actions before write in to inform, and all write in should be in polite manner. (Parents in the UK and India please pay special attention to this)
  • As Teachers/Schools/Learning Centres: we will register the courses according to the number of students we have. We agree if we have cheated by subscribing one for all, our accounts will be disconnected and no refund will be granted.
  • I will always conductor myself in positive and polite manner towards IGCSE Team. I agree if I behave negatively and rudely, my account(s) would be disconnected and no refund will be granted.
  • I will NEVER give out / share my Username & Password and materials in the course(s) with friends / family members who didn’t pay for the course. I respect the copy right material of IGCSE Centre and acknowledge my account will be disabled if I share my Username & Password and the materials in the course(s) with others. I also acknowledge that there would be NO refund provided from IGCSE Centre if I violate this rule.
  • There is no refund for our programmes.

Worldwide Happy A* Testimonials

My son has just completed the English First Language 0500 Revision session that was held in March-April 2016. The program was extremely well organized and spaced out in a manner that made it easy for him to watch the videos and complete the assigned tasks.

While the program was intensive and focused on the finer aspects of language skills, I firmly believe that it has also taught him some very important life skills - the first and foremost being time management. Planning long term projects, organizing and prioritizing, avoiding procrastination and managing time effectively are very important for a student's success, both in school and beyond.

Since the start and end dates of the session were clearly mentioned at the time of enrolment, advance planning and a workable schedule for the duration of the course made the target achievable in a very comfortable manner. At no point of time did he feel as if he was rushed, this is in addition to being in the school basketball team , keyboard player in the band and other extracurricular activities. I will not hesitate to recommend these revision classes to my friends. Continue the good work, IGCSE Team.

一 Chandrika Kannan

Dear IGCSE Team,

I am writing to sincerely express my gratitude for the wonderful job that you TEAM are doing to ensure OUR children perform well in their exams. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful. It does not matter that I don’t know what grades my son will get but what I am grateful about is that this exercise has boosted his confidence to a level I had not seen before in the subjects that he took his revision in. His words were, ‘Mum, following this revision, I can now actively participate in Physics and Chemistry comfortably’. To me that was the best thing to hear. Grades may say otherwise but for me that confidence has been instilled outside his usual classroom setting.

I also take this opportunity to thank you for the timetable that you shared with the students at the start of the revision. This was very helpful. We clearly took note of the START and END date and we did our best to stick to this timetable and I am glad because we realised that the system closed down as soon as the END date reached. One piece of advice I would want to share with potential parents is take note of the start and end date of the revision and as much as possible try to follow the timetable provided by the Team. At times it might be possible to stick to it but at least there are free slots within the week for catching up on what might not be covered on a set time. Probably my son will not agree to it that I had to push him so much to adhere to the time table but when the system closed down as per the date set in the signed agreement, we realised the push was worth it otherwise we would have been left with so much uncovered work. We signed an agreement with a specified timeframe and so we had to stick to it.

My son is now in the middle of his exams and we are hopeful that this experience will bear wonderful fruits when the results come.

To you IGCSE Team I can only say thank you so much and I hope to share good news with you come the results.

To any parents considering registering their children for this revision, I can attest (even though I don’t know what grades my son will get) that this revision is worth it not only to make the children get good grades but to also re-assure them that they just need the confidence to believe in themselves as they already know most of the materials.

With many thanks,

一 Petronilla (Switzerland)

Choose Your Subjects

Here is the registration process:

  1. Click on the Subject that you wish to register.
  2. Proceed to checkout on the next page. You may make payment via credit/debit card, or your PayPal account.
  3. After successfully check-out, you will be brought to the Registration Page to fill up the Candidate's detail in order to generate the login Username and Password. You MUST follow the instructions on the registration page. (If PayPal didn't redirect you automatically to the Registration Page, please click on the "Orange Button" to be redirected)
  4. You will receive your Username and Password within 6-12 hours.
  5. Hotmail users please pay special attention. Please check your "Spam box" if you haven't heard from us in 3 days.
Compare our fees with others

See below to know that we are in fact, the cheapest available on earth, with the best quality and many happy A* students! 😉

IGCSE Centre Tuition Centres Home Tuition
Fee per subject £139 / £169
(for 2 months)
(for 2 months)
(£30/hr x 5 days/week x 2 months)
Course Style Instant online, anytime, anywhere in the world, at the comfort of your home, repeat the tutorials as many times as you wish. Avoid traffic jams, uncomfortable classes situation, unnecessary peers pressure. Have to attend daily classes in a learning/tuition centre (lodging, transportation, food in the UK not included). Missed classes won't be replaced. Teachers/tutors are coming to your home daily at a fixed time: 1 hour in a day, 5 days in a week for 8 weeks (2 months) in order to finish all the syllabus for ONE subject only before the exam.

Teachers, schools/learning centres please use the contact form to write to us for special rates.

Available Subjects

All the contents are based on "Extended curriculum" syllabus. Below are the available subjects for this revision session:


Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Biology 0610

Click to view Biology topics.
(Covers Alternative to Practical)


Business Studies

Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450
  • Cambridge O Level Business Studies 7115

Click to view Business Studies topics.



Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620
  • Cambridge O Level Chemistry 5070

Click to view Chemistry topics.
(Covers Alternative to Practical)


English First Language 0500/0522 - Reading

Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE English First Language 0500/0522 - Paper 2


English First Language 0500/0522 - Writing

Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE English First Language 0500/0522 - Paper 3


English as a Second Language 0510/0500 - Writing

Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language 0510/0500 - Writing
    (only consists of: Summary, Exercise 6 & Exercise 7)



Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580
  • Cambridge O Level Mathematics D 4024

Click to view Mathematics topics.



Suitable for candidates taking:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Physics 0625
  • Cambridge O Level Physics 5054

Click to view Physics topics.
(Covers Alternative to Practical)


See you in the classes! 🙂

If you require some subjects that are not listed above, please write to us HERE.

Pay with Credit/Debit Card

If you wish to pay with your credit/debit card, please click on the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button, as indicated below.

Pay with Debit:Credit Card

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722 thoughts on “Cambridge Revision Courses

  1. hello igcse centre,, i was actually having some problem in chemistry and i cant find any useful notes from out there and hope to find some from here, could you please guide me from where i could get useful summarised notes specificaally for chemistry would be highly appreciated.thanks

  2. i want to learn maths, english, Physics, Chemistry, ict perfectly
    what skills i should get to get A* in these Subject before the exam M/J/ 2017
    thank u

    • Hi John,

      There are no general skills for all subjects to get A*. You must start/have done your revision now (if you haven’t already) based on the latest syllabus.

      With English, you can practice with the past exam papers which you can find here:

      You can also find many useful resources here:

      With Maths, ICT, Physics, and Chemistry, you’ll need a lot of practice. Start your revision as early as possible and spend at least 2 to 3 hours every day on revising:

      1. Learn and understand the key concepts and formulas. Familiarise/memorise the key equations/formulas (refer to the latest syllabus on what is expected: ).
      2. Do revision based on the latest syllabus and practice with the latest past exam papers ( ). Pay attention to the most common mistakes you always seem to make. Make notes and revise them, so you can avoid making the same mistakes in your actual exam.
      Minimize your reference checks. Try solving a problem with the formula without looking it up. You MUST do this as many times as you can. You will be able to remember the formulas/key equations better when you repeat this step.
      You can also try associating the formulas with certain things you enjoy, for example, a TV show. You could also use Quizlet – it’s a fun flashcard website that turns your flashcards into games, and more. You can also use Quizlet to improve your Vocabulary.

    • Hi Zainab,

      Yes, these online courses are good for 2018 examination series as well. We would suggest you to enrol into the next revision session in August-September.

      Our online revision courses are good enough to help you to score A* (as shown in the testimonials from past candidates).

    • All the revision courses will end on April 30. You still have time to complete everything if you register now. All you need to do is double up the topics on a day. Currently there is only 1 topic scheduled daily/every 2 day. You might also need to study over the weekend in order to finish everything in time and ready for your exam.

  3. The Revision Classes for English As Second Language is going great, it would be really good if there would be revision classes for Environmental Management. This subject is quiet hard and revision classes are very important for EM. Can there be revision classes for Em as well next there?

    • Hi Lily,

      We’re glad you find the revision class for ESL great.

      We currently do not have the capacity to add another subject for our revision courses. However, we will submit your suggestion for review.

  4. Hello,

    My daughter, who is studying in India, Pune, will be going to IGCSE 1 in July 2017. I want to know if the revision courses are only for the IGCSE 2 students or even for the IGCSE 1 students? Also for her English Check Point exams can she refer to the IELTS books for reading passages?


    • Hi Rahul,

      The revision course is suitable for both IGCSE 1 and 2. We have many candidates taking our revision courses from IGCSE 1, in order to strengthen the skills that they did not learn from school.

      And, yes, she can refer to the IELTS books for reading passages. IELTS’s reading passages would be of higher level than the Checkpoint papers. If your daughter could do IELTS reading passages, she would score the Checkpoint test.

  5. I had a question regarding the maths course. Will the videos still be there once the next topic is started? As I am weak on the first few chapters, will it be possible to have access to those videos even after the next topic has started?

    • Hi Zainab,

      The videos will still be there until April 30th. You can always watch the videos later, but you cannot download them. Just make sure you finish the materials every week. Avoid carrying forward to the following week – it’ll be harder to catch up with the course by then.

  6. Good Day,

    Firstly, thank you for giving our children this opportunity. I have one question, my son is doing home schooling and would like to write IGCSE in Oct/ Nov session. I would like to find out how i can assist him by registering for one of the subjects. Is there another session of revision after this April one.

    Thanking you in anticipation of your valued response.



    • Hi Clare,

      You’re most welcome 🙂

      The next revision session will be in August-September. You can register by selecting the subject your son wants and proceed to the checkout page. Then, you can make payment via credit/debit card or PayPal.

      It is also advisable to register for one or two subjects in this session now, so he won’t feel overwhelmed in the August-September session if he is taking many subjects.

  7. Hi,

    I needed to know if my child is going to take the exam in Jun 2019 how soon should I register her for the revision course looking for Maths, Physics & Chemistry
    Also do you have revision course for Additional Maths (my kid would be appearing for the Additional Maths in Mar 2018

    • Hi Vijay,

      You can enrol your kid in this revision session or next session in August-September. There are many candidates enrolling early to learn what they did not learn at school

      We do not offer Additional Maths in this revision session. However, we might include this subject in the coming sessions. In the meantime, your kid can practice with past exam papers available here:

  8. Hello IGCSE Centre,
    I’m wondering about when will we be given exam-style practices, is it going to be at the end of the course?

    • Hi Attas,

      The exam-style practices will be downloadable after each topic. Just click on the “Assessment” link when it is activated.

  9. Hi IGCSE team

    I am interested in joining 4 of the online A* revision courses however, would be able to start only from the 21st of march. Would you customise the time table in this case? Additionally, will this time be sufficient for completing the revision courses?

    • Hi Avi,

      We cannot customise the timetable. You would still be able to complete the courses, as long as you put in double hours as opposed to those starting earlier. We have got many candidates starting mid-April last year and still be able to finish everything in time.

    • Hi Jess, the registration is opened until the end of the course, which is April 30, 2017. However, we strongly suggest you to register now in order to have ample of time to finish everything.

  10. Hi can i know what does this revision course provide? Is it just video? and what if we dont understand some parts of it , is there a teacher to help us?

  11. How can I improve my Speaking and listening skills in ESL 0511? Please advice as it is not in the revision course.. I’m really worried for speaking, can I know what are the requirements to give a proper speaking exam. And what are the things I should avoid while giving my speaking exam? And also what are the important things to keep in mind while giving it?

    • Hi,

      For Speaking/Listening exams:
      1. Pick 3 or 4 practice exam questions that are different from each other (closest to what is expected in the latest syllabus). You can refer to the latest syllabus on what is expected during exams here:
      2. Prepare answers to questions that are likely to come up
      3. Find out how to pronounce the words and read them out loud.
      4. Learn your answers by heart. Learn your answers one phrase or sentence at a time. Select a chunk and repeat it to yourself over and over until you’ve got it.
      5. Understand and learn the questions. Look up any words you don’t know and learn to recognise keywords. Learn each question alongside the answer that goes with it.
      6. Learn two or three idiomatic phrases or sayings and memorise them. Go for sayings that could be used to talk about any topic or topic-specific ones that you know you’ll be able to use in the exam.
      7. Compile a list of topic-specific vocab that’s likely to come up. If you can, learn the gender of any nouns and the different tenses of any verbs. Learn the vocab so you can use and recognise it.
      8. Get a parent or friend to do a mock exam with you. Pay attention to where you slip up and then work on improving those areas. [For Speaking] You should also consider recording yourself so that you are confident speaking English during your test.
      9. Make useful notes.

      Specifically during the Speaking test, keep in mind to:
      1. Speak clearly and try not to speak too quickly
      2. Be confident. Be friendly.
      3. Also, there are no right or wrong answers in the Speaking test. You will be assessed on how well you can express your ideas and opinions in good English.

      You can practice with the latest past exam papers as they have the newest syllabus format and continue with the older ones date back from 5 to 10 years.

    • Hi Lily,

      The registration is opened until the end of the course, which is April 30, 2017.

      You can also pay via credit/debit card. When you clicked on the subject you want to sign up for, you will be redirected to a PayPal page – where you can see an option (in a gray box) at the bottom of the page that says ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’.

      You can find the instructions for payment after the courses previews

  12. Hello IGCSE Team,

    My name is Karen and I’ve already paid for the online tuition but unfortunately the PayPal website haven’t led me to the registration page directly and I accidentally went out of the page – not able to find the orange button (just like how the instructions said) So if you could please help me and tell me what to do since my mom is freaking her minds out 😅

    Thank you,

  13. Hello iGCSE team.

    We are considering sitting math iGCSE as private candidate. We would be entering for core math only. As this revision course is specifically for extended, is it suitable for a candidate doing core.

    Thank you

    • Hi Grant,

      We only accept payment via PayPal or credit/debit card. You can also link your bank account to PayPal and make your payment via PayPal.

  14. Hi, I didn’t pass the tenth grade. It’s an Indian stream. I am interested in IGCSE. Can I get the admission in IGCSE and study online?

  15. Hello
    I am Al Hassan I am in year 10 my final exam May June 2018 you think it will be useful and suitable in my exam this year .

    • Hi Alhassan,
      You may use the revision courses along with your studies at school. We have got many candidates doing that, and they have gotten better grades at school.

      If you wish to wait, it would be good to take a few subjects in the August-September 2017 revision session, then few more in early 2018. You may decide which is best for you.

    • Hello Sipho,
      You may get the support materials from your school. If your school is a registered Cambridge School, they should provide you all the relevant teaching materials.

  16. I liked the materials you have bee provided all the time. Its very helpful for the students to make preparation for the exams.

  17. Hello IGCSE Centre,
    I still can not find the credit card payment option. When I click on the “Register now”, it sends me to PayPal payment web page. Where can I find it?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Attas,
      You would be able to find “Pay with Credit/Debit Card” under the pay with PayPal option. It is correct that you would see the PayPal page. However, you could still choose to pay with your credit/debit card.

      • Should I log into PayPal so I can see “Pay with Credit/Debit Card” because I can’t find “Pay with Credit/Debit Card, what I see is PayPal checkout page?

        • Hi Attas,
          We have added the instruction above on how to pay with your debit or credit card. Please click on the button which says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”, as indicated in the picture.

  18. How much time daily would they put in for 4 courses. Biology, Chemisty, Physics and Math. Are these for the IGCSE extended in May/June

    • Hi Richelle,
      Yes, these are for “Extended curriculum” for IGCSE. We suggest 1 hour per subject. If you sign up for 4 subjects, you would need 4 hours daily. This is just a normal guideline. Some candidates need more time, some would need less. All depends on individual’s needs.

      • Is that 7 days a week, 4 hours a day . What if they know certain areas better than others. Are they allowed to jump ahead or move forward more quickly if you know those areas better

        • Hi Richelle,
          No, they are not able to “jump” as the materials would be released week by week, topics by topics. This is a proven way to make sure the candidates do all the revisions and follow through all necessary works if they want to score A*. Sometimes the candidates might think they know a certain topic well, but missed out certain important facts. This is a common mistake candidates make during the exams.

        • Hello Richelle,
          Yes, it would be 4 hours a day during the weekdays. However, you can study more over the weekends, for example 8 hours. Just spread the hours across the day, not by having a go in one sitting.

          This is the suggested amount, it is not a fixed rigid schedule. You can make your own schedule to suit your own activities. If you are a private candidate, definitely you could put in more hours during your weekdays as well, since you do not go to school and these online courses would be your only studies throughout your days.

          • Thanks so much for your reply. My daughter does still go to school, this is just revision on top for writing the IGCSE. I did register her for 2 already and I am looking at Physics and Maths too. Because each registration is different and I can’t register 4 at a time. Will she only get one sign on ID and it says she about signing on from home or registering from home so that you know where she signs on from . Which I understand. But it says she can do it anywhere, iphone, ipad etc. Does she always have to be at home to sign on. Wondering if she can watch some of the videos etc at school in her spare periods. Is this possible if she signs on from her phone . I’m not technically advanced enough to know if that gives a signal that it is from her. Is there a way we can make that happen so she can utilize her spare periods at school during the day.

            Thanks so much

            • Hi Richelle,
              Yes, she will obtain different login URL, username and password for each subject. The first sign in has to be from home so that the system knows it is you, and not other people. If she wishes to watch some videos at school, she must first logout from any devices at home, then only she could login again on other device. However, we do not recommend to use any school’s shared computer to do so. As shared computers are prone to password stealers, and your account would be blocked. Signing on with her phone would be fine.

              • Ok great. No she wouldn’t be using any school computers to logon, just her phone to watch videos so she can make use of her spare periods as she will take 4 revision courses plus her regular school. I just want to make sure she does right. So as long as she signs in from home on any device from home the first time. Then logs out at home. She can use her phone at school to login and watch videos. Thanks

  19. How long approximately does it take to do these courses , do they have exam style questions to answer that will prepare them.

    • Hi Richelle,
      It takes 2 months to complete the course. Yes, there are exam-style questions as practices. Please read the section “How It Works” above.

  20. Hello IGCSE Team,
    My name is Lia and in the May/June session I will be taking Math, Biology, Chemistry and Literature. I was wondering if you had any classes for the the practical parts in Chemistry and Biology ? Thank you

    • Hi Lia,
      Yes, you would learn all the necessary skills for “Alternative of Practical” in the video tutorials. Just watch the preview above and you will find tutorials related to practical.

      If you are a private candidate, this is the best for you since you do not have any access to any laboratory to learn the practical skills.

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