Topics Revision Classes For October/November 2014 Examination

Dear Parents & Friends,

The ‘Topics Revision Classes’ are open now for those who are taking the exams in October/November 2014 session.

(Of course we do welcome students who are going to sit for the exam next year (2015) as well.)

These ‘Topics Revision Classes’ open for registration on August 18, 2014. Classes will commence September 1, 2014. Ending on October 30, 2014.

Students only register themselves for the topics that they need help with.

Here is what you will get from the ‘Topic Revision Classes’:

    1. Understanding your problems (simply what is it that you don’t understand) for each topic.

    2. Videos tutorial based on exam syllabus for the topic chosen (there would be several videos for each topic, and you can download them to watch at a later stage at your own pace).

    3. Exam-style questions practices at the end of each video tutorial/topic.

    4. Send in your practices (via email). Your paper will be marked by us.

    5. You will receive your paper along with suggestions on how to improve and not to repeat the same mistakes during exam.

All the above will be done online.

We choose the students for our programmes. Not based on academic achievement, but on positivity. Thus, students who fulfil the below criteria are eligible to apply:

  • You have a strong determination and want to score A*. (even though your results are below the passing marks, if you have the will, we will help you)
  • You have a computer and internet access. (we do not accept/provide sending courses/papers by post)
  • You do all the practices that we send you. (students who like to complaint, take things for granted, proud and lazy will be eliminated from the course)
  • You are a positive thinker, hard working, and possess good manners. You will be part of a closed group of international bright, smart, positive students who would become the future leaders. (Students who portray negativity, rude and bad manners towards other students and IGCSE Team will be eliminated automatically)

Hear some Happy and Successful Students’ Testimonials

“Hi, I would like to let you know that I have gotten a B for my Business Studies, and an A for my General Maths. I?m so happy!! It?s all because of your great classes!? ? Kelly McDowall
* Kelly was below passing mark before taking the class. All she wanted was “just to pass” when she first started the tutoring programme. Walah! She scored more than she expected. She has been offered a place in The University of Queensland, Australia (one of the most prestigious university in Australia).

?I had difficulty in listening to English. But after joining your class, you open my English ears!! Now I can understand English and I can hear! Your class is always full of adventure and exciting. Ohh?, thank you so much. I love you!? ? Young-Kyoung Kim
* Young-Kyoung was not able to understand English conversation. After taking the Listening programme, she was able to ?get? the English conversation, even the British accent.

“Hi, this is Alicia! I’m soooooo thankful to you :)… You always encouraged me to think in positive way. That was really helpful. I will never forget what you taught me: English, knowledge and many things. My parents can’t stop showing off my good results to all my relatives and their friends! Thank you so much!” ? Alicia Han
* Alicia was being “given up” by all her teachers. They labeled her as a “gone case”, and that she will never excel in her IGCSE exams. After taking the tutoring programmes, Alicia scored 9 As (8 As and 1 A*) for her IGCSE exams. Her parents were so proud that they kept showing off this good achievement of Alicia for a month.

Click on the subjects available below to choose your topics:

Registration is closed on September 12, 2014. Thanks all for the registration and interest.

  • Arabic?First Language 0508
  • Biology 0610
  • Chemistry 0620
  • English?First Language 0500
  • English?Second Language 0511 & 0510
  • Mathematics 0580/0581
  • Mathematics?Additional 0606
  • Physics 0625

If you require some subjects that are not listed above, please write to us HERE.

27 Replies to “Topics Revision Classes For October/November 2014 Examination”

  1. I am looking for revision and past year exam papers of Science and Math for Grade 9. however somehow didn’t find any resource. can you please help?

    In addition is there any possibility to extra lesson topic wise or specific videos for learning.

    • Hello Nishant,

      We only have the Cambridge IGCSE past exam papers and IGCSE revision courses.We
      do not have any grade 9 past exam papers or grade 9 revision courses.

  2. I need february march 2016 bangla question and i need bangla october november 2016 question

  3. i would really want to get a n A* in business eco accounts and a B IN MATHS AND ENGLISH AND A IN CO ORDINATED SCIENCE AND A* IN SPANISH

    • Hi Nancy,
      As much as we want to help you, we really couldn’t offer these courses free. We need to receive some small reward for being able to keep maintaining this site, provide free tutorials, free resources to download and many more for you and others.

  4. the money for classes are kind of much and I really want to join and get A*’s in my exam what do I do? and my school is also resuming on September 22nd 2014.

    • Hello Mogha,
      You don’t have to enrol ALL of the topics. Just choose a few topics that you “really” need help with.

      This way, you help yourself in understanding which one you can handle, and which one you must get help. In another words, be practical and be present. Not losing yourself in your mind, thinking you can not handle everything and get too overwhelm. 🙂

    • Hello Tan Sook Ling,
      This is a paid programme. Just click on the subjects that you’re interested in, you’ll then be guided to the next page where you could choose the topics that you want.

      Just a reminder, the closing date for revision classes registration is this Friday, September 12, 2014. So, hurry up before its door closes. 🙂

  5. Hello. I am in Grade 10 and I opt to write my IGCSE examinations next year! I’M gonna need all the help I can get. Will this service be for free or..?

    • Hi Towela,
      This is a paid programme. Just click on the subjects available, and choose only the topic that you want on the next page.
      If you need more help just drop us a line here.

    • Hello Sei,
      That’s great spirit!
      Just click on the subject and register yourself for the topics that you need. If you do not register yourself, you won’t be able to receive the videos tutorial.

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