What is Edexcel International GCSE?

Edexcel IGCSE has changed its title to Edexcel International GCSE from 2009. It is an international secondary school certification created by Edexcel Limited (commonly known as Edexcel), a UK company, with 75% own by Pearson PLC (a UK publishing conglomerate) and 25% by Edexcel Foundation (the charity which managed the board).

Edexcel started to offer it’s International GCSE from 2003. Up to today, Edexcel International GCSE is being offered to over 80 countries in the world, with 39 subjects available for international students.

Important Note

Students not to be confused between Edexcel GCSE and Edexcel International GCSE. Edexcel GCSE is only available for UK schools, which is similar to the UK national curricula GCSE. While for schools out of UK, they are offering the international version which is Edexcel International GCSE.


Though Edexcel claims its International GCSE certificate is accepted worldwide, students are advised to consult desired universities and colleges for confirmation before sitting for exams. As there are some major universities and colleges in certain countries do not recognize Edexcel International GCSE certification.


In 2002, BBC News reported errors being found on Edexcel GCE AS-Level Maths before the exam took place in the UK. But Edexcel decided not to inform the exam centres and let the exam continued. Maths students were affected, so did other students due to the constant announcement to Maths students.

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  1. Hello sir
    I am from India
    I am studing in +1(non-medical) from British convent school,of IGCSE . I want to ask you that from where i can download my books syllabus.please give link if possible.

  2. i want to take math in igcse o-level but some people are telling me that it’s better to take it as edexcel, so i’m confused about which on of them to choose?

  3. Hi!

    We are an Indian school commencing this year with IGCSE syllabus.Could you please guide us with the procedure on getting affiliated to Pearson?

    • Hi Susan,

      We are not affiliated to Pearson therefore we?re not able to guide you. You could try searching on Google or contact Pearson directly.

  4. Hi,
    I’m from Pakistan,currently living in the UK.I am taking igcse biology and chemistry this year.Can i retake one of my exams this year if i want to?if so,when?
    Thanks x

  5. Hello, I am looking for an examination centre in Kenya that holds practical exams, like Biology Physics and Chemistry. However, the British Council told me that they don’t offer exams for Practical subjects. Kindly assist me in getting an examination centre to register for Biology ,Chemistry and Mathematics as a Private candidate.

    • Hi Duncan,

      As a private candidate, you will take Paper 6 – Alternative to Practical. There are NO practical exams available for a private candidate – British Council is right for this.

      If you choose Extended curriculum, your science papers combination would be Paper 2, Paper 4, and Paper 6. As for Mathematics, your papers combination would be Paper 2 and Paper 4. There are no ?practical? exams for Mathematics anyway.

      Just register with the British Council that you have visited – they are your best exam centre. Otherwise, you can always locate any schools that would accept private candidate here: http://cie.org.uk/i-want-to/find-a-cambridge-school/

  6. hello i am studying in india [international gcse ] so what can i do after 10 gradde for example which college ,in india , any scholarship.

  7. Hi ,

    I would like to know how conducive will be the IGCSE EDEXCEL for a student with writing disability , studying in the 7th grade ?

    Best Regards

    • Hi Sujatha,
      It would be a good idea first to write to Pearson and enquire about the special exam condition for such scenario. Most of the exam boards would have special allowance if a medical report is presented.

  8. Hi,
    I just finished my edexcel igcse O level which I was lucky to take! and honestly this moment am little bit confused and few minutes ago I was informed that students should receive an email before the result was sent to them..but..I didn’t receive anything till now,am sorry !
    But I really hope you can help me because I didn’t find anyone else to ask for HELP about this information!!

    • Hi Huda,
      You must get this information from your school/exam centre. Only your school/exam centre has the information on result release dates and details.

  9. Hi
    I am a student of grade 10 ,icse board in India and i’m shifting to GCSE in UK
    i have 3 qusethions-
    1)is it fine to change my board and join a new school in UK in grade 10?
    2)is a little bit of the curriculum for grade 10 taught in grade 9 like in India or is it separate for each year?
    3)how many times are the examinations?

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,

    May I check are the exams for Edexcel IGSCE modular?
    As in the student is able to take module by module?
    Or is it similar to CIE IGSCE where the student has to take only one final exam at the end of the study period?
    If it is available via modules, can the student take one module at a time and get one certificate at the end for all the subjects taken?

    Do advise, thank you.


    • Hi Nisha,
      We are very sorry that we can’t answer that for you. Please kindly write to Edexel and get their confirmation on that.

  11. Hi

    I have completed o level with grade D in 3 subjects from india. Please advice me if I can join A level. Association of Indian universities States we need five subjects with minimum of c grade please advice .

    • Hi Abish,
      If the minimum required grade is Grade C, you might need to repeat those required subjects. Just check with the university and find out which subjects need to be repeated.

  12. Hi, I am Indian working in Saudi Arabia. Soon will be moving to Lebanon. I am looking for good IGCSE school for my daughters for grade 9 and 7.

    Also want to know will it be difficult for them to do IGCSE as they are current in CBSE board from India and they have completed grade 8 and 6.

    Is there any way they can attend the local school in lebanon and still they can enroll them selves with IGCSE privately?

  13. Is Bengali subject a must when appearing for IGCSE Cambridge in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My children are Bangladesh passport holders but they do not know Bengali as we were staying abroad

    • Hi Mohammed,
      If this subject is required by law in that country, they might need to take it. You must also consider if they need this subject as entry requirement in the university. If yes, then they must take this subject.

      Otherwise, it is not necessary as it is not one of the core subjects.

  14. Hello,
    I did my O’levels in Cambridge as a regular student from a school. I cleared all the subjects except for maths. Now, I have to retake maths and I want to change the board. I want to take up Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Maths.
    What I want to ask you is
    1. Can I change the board as this time I’ll appear as a private candidate?
    2. If I appear in Edexcel IGCSE Maths, would I have to appear in 2 papers or 4 papers?
    3. Is Edexcel IGCSE Maths easier than the Cambridge Syllabus D Maths?
    4. Also there is an Edexcel Maths with coursework and without coursework, what is the difference between the two and which one is the easiest?
    Please reply me soon

  15. My son has completed his o level by edexcel pearson now he wants to do a level edexcel but someone said that Cambridge is more preferable. Whatbis your suggestions?

    • Hi Asima,
      Cambridge system is “very old” 🙂 … Thus it is very well-recognised and well-accepted worldwide. We do not know about the Edexcel A-Level, so we can’t comment on that.

      We can only suggest you to do some research on the universities and colleges that you wish to apply for. See what are their preferences.

    • Hi Aya,
      CIE and Edexcel are 2 different examination boards. Usually it is considered “incomplete” when you are taking “half here and half there”. You can always call up the university that you wish to apply, and get their confirmation if they could accept certificates from different examination board.

  16. Hi I’m Shuvo from Bangladesh ! I got an A in Bangla
    B in maths
    B in chemistry
    D in English
    F in physics so can I sit for IAL now ?
    I mean I’m I allowed ?

    • Hi Shuvo,
      You may proceed to A-Level, but you must be ware about the minimum grades required in your IGCSE when you want to apply for the university later.

      We suggest you to check with the university for details, before you consider whether to resit any subjects.

  17. Hi
    I have completed my O-level in cie igcse. Now I want to appear in As exam in next year but where I am studying, they are following edexcel board. I would like to know studying in edexcel and can give AS exam in cie igcse board as private candidate through British council.

    Looking forward for guidance and advice.


    • Hi Malik,
      Yes, you can do that. But you must beware about the load of work and study you will have if you want to do both exam boards.

  18. Hi I’m Aumi Khan from Bangladesh. Could you please tell me if Bengali is needed for O Levels. I have five subjects but I do not have Bengali.

  19. How different is the IGCSE systems of both international examination boards compared to USA systems of education.

  20. o levels gce is conducted by cambridge in pakistan. which board conduct exames of o levels in ymca college honk kong.

  21. Hello there ,I’m currently living in Kenya and in year 11 doing my IGCSE’S soon .my question is what is the difference between the may/June and January /February exam ? Is one easier than the other ? .thanking you in advance .

    • Hello Jack,
      We afraid we are not the best one to advise you on Edexcel. If we take the Cambridge IGCSE examination as example, the two examination sessions have the same syllabus and equally challenging. Perhaps Edexcel would be the same?
      You could write to Edexcel and enquire about that. 🙂

    • Hi Tanya,
      Yes you could do that. But make sure you are not going into Maths related courses later. For example, engineering.

    • Hi Sakif,
      Normally universities require the complete A-Level qualification. Nevertheless, there are some universities would accept exceptional result from AS-Level as pre-selection. You must contact the universities of your choice and ask them if they would accept your AS-Level results.

  22. Hello guys. can you please inform me if lebanon accepts edexcel subjects because i am planning to take arabic first language edexcel this june

  23. Hello there,
    I am sonia from Bangladesh. I am a science student. I’ve completed my O’Level from edexcel in the year 2009. Due to some problems of mine i was detached from studies for the past few years. Now again i want to restart my education and want to get established. But i am unable to understand from where to start and which subjects to choose. Any advice?

    • Hello Sonia,

      First, you must ask yourself what is the course you would like to take in university or college. We assume you want to continue to tertiary education.

      Next, you could contact the university or college and find out if they do accept your O-Level as entry requirement.

      Most probably they would ask you to get an A-Level or equivalent certificate as entry requirement. If so, the next step you should start is, register yourself to an A-Level or equivalent course, and sit for the exam as “Private Candidate”.

      Hope these help!

  24. Hey , its really confusing , are O Levels , As Levels , IGCSE” exams under Cambridge Examination or Edexcel ? Cant we take all subjects in Cambridge Examinations ? + My school system is Lebanese Baccalaureate, and i want to do the IGCSE’s exams + O Levels , then why do ppl say that u should enter to study the course in your school inorder to make those exams ? And how many years are the IGCSE and O , AS level exams ? And do entry test fees varies for every subjects ? Plz explain ! Thank You

    • Hello Mohamad,

      Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and Edexcel are 2 different examination board.

      “IGCSE” is the trademark of Cambridge. Therefore IGCSE is under CIE. Edexcel’s is called “Internationl GCSE”. Edexcel is not allowed to use the term “IGCSE” due to the trademark ownership.

      These 2 exam boards have their own A-Level, As-Level, etc etc… However, the O Level qualification is still awarded by CIE Cambridge International Examinations.

      Please note that, you can’t mix and match subjects in different exam board. For example, English and Maths with CIE, Physics and Chemistry with Edexcel, Biology and Additional Maths with O-Level… You must choose ONE exam board, and do all your subjects in that board. Otherwise, you will not have a complete certificate.

      You can always take the exam as “Private Candidate” without attaching to any school.

      Each subject’s exam fee is different.

  25. im a 7th grader in esf kuwait and i heard about the change from IGCSE to Edexel im quiet confused, but i known that i will have to be studying the Edexcel curriculam now to prepare am i doing the right thing

    • Hi Sherin,

      IGCSE is not changing to Edexcel. This probably is your school has chosen to switch to Edexcel examination board. Get final confirmation with your school before you do any changes by yourself.

      If you still would like to sit for Cambridge IGCSE, you can always register yourself as Private Candidate with any British Council nearest to you.

  26. Hello, I am a grade 8 student from Bangladesh. I left school and am now preparing for my O’Levels in private institutions. Are there then social science subjects being offered for O’Levels?

    • Hi Aruba,
      We do not have any information pertaining O-Level. Please check with the British Council nearest to you, and enquire about O-Level subjects.

    • Hi Priyanga,

      Higher tier consists of more curriculums, simply means, you study more.

      Core tier (foundation tier) consists of the basic curriculums.

  27. I’m from Sr i Lanka. I’m reading for edxcel IGCSE in science stream.age 14 yrs. what is minimum number of subjects that i need to sit for the o -level and how it should be spread? is there any advantage of taking more than ten subjects for o-level.
    finally what is the minimum requirement of the exam.

    • Hi Chandula,
      So sorry we do not have any information for Edexcel over here. We are only providing information for Cambridge IGCSE.

      You may want to write to the Edexcel examination board to clarify your questions.

  28. I’m doing the IGCSE system and will be taking my exams this coming may 2015 and so i wanted to go back America after taking my exams rather then staying for A Levels.Will i be able to start college or get accepted to a uni in the states as soon as i get my certificate? Or will i have to do 12th grade?

    • Hi Nimo,

      It all depends on the college that you want to enrol into. Please check with the college and ask if they can accept IGCSE as entry requirement.

    • Hi Simayare,

      The format of exams are different for Cambridge and Edexcel. As long as your teacher is following the format, you may do cross reference for certain topic.

  29. I did my IGCSE O/L’s in 2012 . I wanted to access my online account because i lost my o/l result sheet and i didn’t receive a O/L certificate. Is it possible for me to view my results online ?

    • Hi Nirushi,
      Please write to the O-Level examination board for this. Else, you could get help from your exam centre. Kindly ask them to request for your result slip again, or get your certificate.

      We do not have any access for that, sorry about that.

  30. Hi, I have recently received my Edexcel International GCSE results, that were very excellent, so I would like some guidence in how to proceed and apply for scholarships as I am not interested in A-Level .

    • Hello Abdelaziz,
      You need to apply directly with the universities of your choice. They will have a ‘scholarships board’ to receive all applications. Just contact them directly, get the forms and proceed from there.

  31. Hi,i am samia from libya.I took edexel bengali i wanted to knw is there any listening or oral exam ?? and in future I wants to become a Doctor so what other subjects are compolsury please advise.

    • Hi Samia,
      Please write to Edexcel examination board to enquire about that. As they are different from IGCSE from Cambridge.

    • Hello Chandan,

      Cambridge IGCSE is from Cambridge International Examination board.

      Edexcel IGCSE is from Pearson.

      They both are different examination board. So you can’t mix the subjects between them, for example: taking English with Cambridge IGCSE, Maths with Edexcel IGCSE etc…

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