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  1. i checked syllabus for science coordinated double 2016 and it hasn’t mentioned identifying vein, artery and capillary, yet occurs on 2016 extended multiple choice question. Is there a mistake or syllabuses are not so accurate? I’m studying from the topics mentioned in the syllabus and very worried if something else not in it will be included on the tests.

    • Hi jessgrand,

      All exam questions will be based on the syllabus. There will not be any questions that are out of syllabus.

      Use the syllabus as a starting point to study and revise, and practice lots of past exam papers, you will be able to score A*.

  2. Hi, i have always been checking the syllabuses for different subjects but wonder if what exists in the exams are all in included in the syllabus. Like how accurate is the syllabus? If i study everything topics that are mentioned in the syllabus, will i be able to get A*?

  3. hello IGCSE,
    BST is not mentioned in the biology syllabus
    yet there are a few recent past paper questions on it
    can I have a confirmation
    wether it is there in our portion or not?

  4. Dear IGCSE,
    i feel that an answer in chemistry is wrong
    Chemistry 2015 winter 31 Q 6 a iii
    i have consulted all my teachers and none could
    come for a valid explanation for that answer.
    can you please help me out
    my exams are in 20 days.
    thank you

  5. id like to know if
    photo- taxis is there in biology syllabus
    ( 0610 )
    its there in past papers
    but there is no mention of it in our books

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