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In view of the recent incident (false report done by ungrateful students), our library of resources become inaccessible to the whole world. We worked 18-20 hours a day for the past weeks, trying to fix this issue by creating a new platform.

Unfortunately the new platform has limitation and members would see error message when the limit is reached. Therefore we have decided to close the new platform, along with our library of resources, until further notice. (Members, please kindly check your full refund notification from PayPal. If you don’t see the notification in your inbox, please check your spam/junk box)

For our revision course students, past exam papers would be available for your practices, for the course(s) that you signed up.

We thank everyone for your visits. We are still here to provide voluntary assistance to help you excel in your exams. Just leave your question at the comment box below.

49 Replies to “Cambridge IGCSE Subjects Syllabuses”

  1. Gosh rlly its so unfair for us students!!
    **** that ***** who did this! Are there any recommended google sites from which i can access past papers?

    (edited due to sensitivity)

    • Hi Rainberry,

      It’s very unfortunate that this has happened. But we are still here to provide tips to help you excel in your exams.

      We suggest that you find alternative source for past exam papers. We are not the only website with past papers. Kindly google them. Thank you.

  2. This whole incident really sucks, how can someone be so selfish when this website is simply helping us?! I just needed past papers and now due to this person/people’s stupidity I can’t access it. ):

    • Hello Beatrice,

      It’s very unfortunate that this has happened. But we are still here to provide tips to help you excel in your exams.

      We need to study all possible options and to do things properly without any haste. Kindly wait for our announcement by joining our newsletter. We suggest that you find alternative source for past exam papers. We are not the only website with past papers. Kindly google them. Thank you.

  3. Heyyy!

    I can take 7 subjects for IGCSEs right? And am a private candidate.. Does that mean I can apply for my Oct/Nov 2019 examinations through British Council in Croatia?
    Btww, keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  4. Hey!
    First of all, love ur website! Its rlly helpful for us all πŸ™‚
    Is it necessary to do ICT for my IGCSEs or is it not important? Honestly I don’t do good in it and I’d really prefer to pick something else…
    Advise me please?

    • Hi Trinity,

      Thank you for your kind words. It is wise to check with the universities that wish you apply to, and get the confirmation on required subjects in accordance to the course you would like to study in the university.

  5. Hi
    I have some questions and I hope u answer me i am going to attend 2019 June exams
    my question Is for (chemistry, physics, biology )
    that should I only study the syllabus content questions which are in the syllabus file ?

    • Hello Hamood,

      We suggest that you prepare for your exams as early as possible. You can revise the subjects from the beginning. Highlight the important facts that you think could be on the test (you should refer to the latest syllabus on what is expected during exams here: You can then use the past exam papers ( as your revision. Start with the latest papers as they have the newest syllabus format and continue with the older ones date back from 5 to 10 years. Then, revise on the most common mistakes that you always seem to make. Pay attention to the most common mistakes you always seem to make. Make notes and revise them, so you can avoid making the same mistakes in your actual exam.

      You might be interested in our online revision course. The revision course provides video tutorial, revision timetable, downloadable exam-style practices, common mistakes candidates make during the exams, and also examiners? advice. Our next revision course will be in March-April 2019. The registration will open one month before the revision course starts. We suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter so you won?t miss our announcement once the registration starts. Please kindly find out the details here:

      You may also be interested in our exam model answers. Many students scored A* by copying the style of the answers. Please check them out here:

      • Hello! Do I have to wait till February 1st before I can sign up for a course, and does payment follow the revision course?

        • Hi Ododooluwa,

          Registration usually opens one month before the revision course starts. We might have early registration this year. We suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter so you won?t miss our announcement once the registration starts.

          After you?ve registered, you will receive an email containing your login details either February 27/28.

          Please kindly find out the details here:

  6. Greetings,

    The syllabus seems to be present for the 2017-2018 Environmental Management IGCSE course but I can’t find any related info to which coursebook I should refer to for the subject. Can you please help me with that? Which book is suitable for the 2018 examinations?

    • Hi Vibhor,

      Please search on Amazon UK site to find the reference books that you need. Amazon UK has lots of IGCSE reference books available.

  7. Dear IGCSE Centre,
    I write to you again in the interest of thanking you for your earlier response as it proved to be of assistance. I also wish to ask for advice on a specific topic I can choose for my Speaking Examination (0520/03) in French. Thank you once again for all the assistance you have provided to all present on this website.
    Elle Woods

    • Hi Elle,

      You are most welcome. You can check on the past exam paper and find out all the speaking topics. Try to use past exam speaking topics as your practices.

  8. Hi IGCSE,
    I need some resources where i can revise for all the subjects to get good grades. Can you suggest me or give me something that i can use to achieve an A*


  9. please mail me the papers because for some reason this site papers r not working for me i need grade all past check point paper because im getting exams
    Thank you

  10. i checked syllabus for science coordinated double 2016 and it hasn’t mentioned identifying vein, artery and capillary, yet occurs on 2016 extended multiple choice question. Is there a mistake or syllabuses are not so accurate? I’m studying from the topics mentioned in the syllabus and very worried if something else not in it will be included on the tests.

    • Hi jessgrand,

      All exam questions will be based on the syllabus. There will not be any questions that are out of syllabus.

      Use the syllabus as a starting point to study and revise, and practice lots of past exam papers, you will be able to score A*.

  11. Hi, i have always been checking the syllabuses for different subjects but wonder if what exists in the exams are all in included in the syllabus. Like how accurate is the syllabus? If i study everything topics that are mentioned in the syllabus, will i be able to get A*?

  12. hello IGCSE,
    BST is not mentioned in the biology syllabus
    yet there are a few recent past paper questions on it
    can I have a confirmation
    wether it is there in our portion or not?

  13. Dear IGCSE,
    i feel that an answer in chemistry is wrong
    Chemistry 2015 winter 31 Q 6 a iii
    i have consulted all my teachers and none could
    come for a valid explanation for that answer.
    can you please help me out
    my exams are in 20 days.
    thank you

  14. id like to know if
    photo- taxis is there in biology syllabus
    ( 0610 )
    its there in past papers
    but there is no mention of it in our books

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