16 thoughts on “Cambridge IGCSE Subjects Syllabuses

  1. hello IGCSE,
    BST is not mentioned in the biology syllabus
    yet there are a few recent past paper questions on it
    can I have a confirmation
    wether it is there in our portion or not?

  2. Dear IGCSE,
    i feel that an answer in chemistry is wrong
    Chemistry 2015 winter 31 Q 6 a iii
    i have consulted all my teachers and none could
    come for a valid explanation for that answer.
    can you please help me out
    my exams are in 20 days.
    thank you

  3. id like to know if
    photo- taxis is there in biology syllabus
    ( 0610 )
    its there in past papers
    but there is no mention of it in our books

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