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  1. Hi, IGCSE chemistry book is needed in soft form, can anyone send me link, please tell me what is difference between O level and IGCSE

  2. HELLO IGCSE CENTRE , i am actually in the process of giving my IGCSE Examinations and soon going to start my A-levels and needed some assistance from you; could you please assist me best studybooks for the following 2 subjects: pure mathematics and computor science. Will appreciate your reply as i dont want to waste my holidays doing nothing, rather i can study :-).

    • Hi Muneeb,
      If you click on the related subjects above, for example: Mathematics and Computer Science, you would be able to find related books for A Level from the same publishers.

  3. Hi,
    What textbooks would you recommend for:
    -Literature in English (9695)
    -Psychology (9698)
    -Sociology (9699)


  4. My Daughter is 9 years old. We are thinking of homeschooling her by registering her as a private candidate for Cambridge primary. Can You please guide on the detailed procedure

    • Hi Seema,
      First of all, you must understand that, there are no Primary exams nor Lower Secondary exams for private candidates.

      If you have decided to homeschool your daughter, you must continue the homeschooling until IGCSE level. Then register her with your local British Council and sit for the IGCSE exams whenever she is ready. She can sit for the IGCSE exams at any age, and it’s not bound by the school’s standard age limitation. This is one of the benefits of homeschooling.

      If you decide to send her to any secondary school halfway the homeschooling process, chances are there is no school would accept her due to the absent of Primary certificates. Many Malaysian parents and children are facing this serious problems. As they do not understand the process and meaning of homeschooling, and thinking by sending their children to any “homeschooling centres” means replacing school. These “homeschooling centres” are private tuition centres which provide IGCSE tuition classes for students. They can’t provide any formal Primary nor Lower Secondary certificates.

      If you are ready to take up the teaching and guidance by yourself/hire an assistance all the way till IGCSE level, we would suggest you to get the appropriate books for Primary level from the same publishers above who published the IGCSE books.

      Otherwise, we strongly suggest you to let your daughter finish her formal Primary education with your local government school/private school, then start the homeschooling process from the Secondary level. In this way, at least she still has a formal Primary certificate whenever she wants to enrol into any secondary schools, if you suddenly do not have time to continue the homeschooling process.

  5. Hi..My son is in 8th grade..He is going to take his MATHS checkpoint exam…..Can you please tell me where I can get sample papers… Thank you….

  6. Dear IGCSE center, this year i am taking my igcse examination . Actually I am facing a lot of problems with the biology what shall I do to improve my standerd in biology (Extended)

  7. Hi I am Mumin
    I’m an igcse stuent of year 10 and planning to take the the m/j exams
    i wanted to ask if u have any website that can help me in finding geo case studies which can satisfy the content needed in the syllabus
    and wanted to also ask if the 2017 syllabus includes every igcse stdent or ony specific group or country

    • Hi Mumin,
      Here are the answers to your questions:
      1. We do not know any website that provide geo case studies. However, you can always ask your school to provide sample on this.
      2. IGCSE syllabi is standardised worldwide.

  8. Dear sir I am teacher with Woodland Hills High schools Lagos Nigeria. I wish to have Igcse certification. But when I filled the form online. I was asked to provide Centre ID. Which i couldn’t because my school is not a centre. Please how can you assist me with a centre ID.

    • Hi David,
      If your school is hosting the IGCSE examination, they would have a Centre ID. Centre is where you register yourself to sit for the exam. May we know where did you register yourself to sit for the exam?

  9. Hi,
    Can you help me out with the syllabus of Sociology (0495) ?. I also need the list of recommended textbooks for the same subject.

  10. Dear IGCSE Team,

    Can you provide the recommended book list for the below two subjects:
    Chinese (Mandarin) – First Language (0509)
    Chinese (Mandarin) – Second Language (0523)

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Just click into the Mandarin Foreign Language subject above, and you will find related books for First Language and Second Language.

    • I am a grade 9th student and am using ‘The Environment of Pakistan’ for Geography and ‘The History and Culture of Pakistan’ for history. For reference you can use the book written by Muhammad Ajmal

  11. What does the asterisk mean? I know it means new syllabus and examination year, but how different is it, what has it changed? Does that mean the syllabus changes every year?

  12. Hi,
    My daughter is 12 and I am registering her as private candidates. Could you assist me on listing of books i should provide her.


    • Hi Sofia,
      We have listed most of the recommended books above. You may browse through them as we do not know what are the subjects she is taking.

  13. Actually i wanted a biology extended coursebook and revision guide for 2017 exams. Can you prefer me any?

    • We would want you to publish the prices for all Literature in English textbook for 2016. thanks we are expecting

  14. Dear IGCSE team,

    I,m IGCSE student and I need past papers of IGCSE Phy,Maths,Bio and Che which should be topic wise.So kindly tells me any website or any other resource pack.
    Thank you so much.

  15. Dear IGCSE Team,
    i was hoping to apply for ‘Child Development (0637)’ in the Oct/Nov session in 2016. Is there a recommended book for the course needed for the subject?
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Hey Thaer!

      I’m an IGCSE and the syllabus for both GCE O Level 2058 and IGCSE 0493 is the same. There are many textbooks you can use.

      For the Life of The Prophet, you can use When the Moon Spilt by Safi al-Rahman Mubarakfuri.

      For the descendants, scribes, emigrants and helpers, ten blessed companions and the caliphates, you can use the Islamiyat O Level Textbook by Mustafa Draper and David Thomas.

      The best textbook for IGCSE/O Level Islamiyat is by Yasmin Malik. But I have recommend the above books because they have more information because the book by Yasmin Malik is somewhat a summary of all of the topics.

      I hope my comment has answered your query.

  16. I want to take admission in IGCSE board for my son in grade 4. I m little bit confused it is beneficial for my child in future. He is ICSE board now a days. Please guide me.

    • Hello Dr. Beena,
      We do not know anything about ICSE board.

      IGCSE definitely would benefit your son. But you must find out where you want him to further his study and if the future institutions do accept IGCSE or ICSE.

  17. hi,
    what books would you recommend for 2016 igcse Development studies and Sociology? Please reply as soon as you can thank you.

  18. Hi
    im going to be taking igcse exams some time this year and am wondering what books would you recommend for sociology (0495) and Development studies (0453).
    thank you.

  19. AOA…!
    Tommorow is my biology paper it’s not final but I’m bit confuse that which type of questions may come in my paper I’m in IGCSE1 please give me some instructions about paper….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. …:)

    • Hello San!

      I’m an IGCSE student myself and I will be giving Islamiyat (0493) this year. I feel that there is no perfect textbook for Islamiyat. But there are around 3 that can definitely help you get an A*.

      For the Life of the Prophet, use When The Moon Spilt by Safi al-Rahman Mubarakfuri.

      For the Prophet’s descendants and wives and for the Caliphates, Ten Blessed Companions, Extra Personalities, Scribes, Emigrants and Helpers, Appendix 1 and 2, use the Islamiyat Core Text for O Level textbook by Mustafa Draper and David Thomas.

      But I feel like the best definitely has to be the Islamiyat for Students textbook by Yasmin Malik. It’s quite helpful. I recommended the above textbooks because in the textbook used by Yasmin Malik, the Life of the Prophet is like a summary and summaries are not sufficient for the examination.

      And please keep in mind that the GCE O Level and IGCSE Islamiyat syllabi are the same so whichever textbook you use, it really doesn’t matter as long as it covers all the topics. 🙂

      I hope that my comment has answered your question.

  20. What books do you recommend for the subjects ‘Islamiyat’ and ‘Arabic as a foreign language’ to be taught from Elementary grades onwards in order to take the IGCSEs at the appropriate time.

  21. My daughter is due to take her IGCSE Mandarin exam in June 1017 code 0547. On your website for suggested books to be able to buy it doesnt seem to have IGCSE only GCSE and others but links the same 0547 code.
    IGCSE is harder than GCSE.

    Please advise?

  22. Is there a book available for the 19th century core content for the 2016 may/june igcse? The topic is “Why, and with what effects, did Europeans expand their overseas empires in the 19th century?”.

  23. Hello my name is Bahja Ismail
    Am looking for any science book other than Biology to take it as my 8 subject, For my IGCSE O Level.
    So please suggest me some books.that would help a lot!

    Thank you
    Bahja Ismail

    • Hi Bahja,
      Currently we only have all the above listed books. Amazon does not support this books widget anymore, so we are unable to add in more recommended books.

      Mean time, we are working on updating this “Recommended Books” section to a new format.

    • Hi Shilpa,
      Unfortunately we do not have such review for the moment. We will suggest to include them into our book recommendation section in the future.

    • It’s Cambridge IGCSE ICT 2nd edition by Graham Brown, Brian Sargent and David Watson.
      Published by Hodder Education.
      Hope that helped 🙂

  24. Hi,

    My daughter is starting with her IGCSE’s.
    I would like to order the Afrikaans 2nd language (0548) textbook, but can’t seem to find anything endorsed by Cambridge.
    Any advice?

  25. Dear IGCSE Team,

    I am intend to take IGCSE in 2017 (Jun), may I know what books should I study for Chinese -second language (0523). Currently I am studying secondary three in Singapore lnternational School in Myanmar .Pls advised me, I can not find in your Recommended Books.

    Thank you,
    Tan Wei Zhi

    • Hi Tan,
      We are updated this Recommended Books section. We will include Chinese Second Language as well. Please check back again in December.

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